Muznakan of Fundin’s Line

The Muznakan of Fundin’s Line is another statue table that you will find in Moria. It belongs to the line of Balin and Dwalin who were great dwarves in their time. We will explore different locations to find the missing carvings that you will need.

fundin's line altar

Exploring Dwarrowdelf

To complete Muznakan of Fundin’s Line you will need to find 5 carvings. These carvings are scattered throughout Dwarrowdelf, hidden within dwarf buildings. Dwarrowdelf has a lot of goblins and wargs roaming around so you need to be careful while searching for the carvings.

Fundin's Line entrance

Optimizing Your Search of Fundin’s Line

Ironwood Collection

While you out searching for Muznakan of Fundin’s Line carvings start deconstructing or breaking the furniture in the buildings to gather some Ironwood. This is an easy way to gather Ironwood and find carvings easier.

Fundin's Line farming

Furniture Destruction

If you’re looking for an easier way to uncover the Muznakan while simultaneously collecting ironwood, consider destroying some furniture in the dwarf buildings. This not only saves time but also ensures you make the most of your exploration.

Fundin's Line

Exploring Dwarrowdelf

The key to finding all the carvings is to explore Dwarrowdelf completely. Finding all 5 carvings is the only way to complete Muznakan of Fundin’s Line. As you fight your way through Dwarrowdelf collect as many resources as you can and make sure to find the carvings you need.

Fundin's Line adventure

The Reward Awaits

Upon completing your quest, you will carefully lay all the carvings upon the sacred altar, where your unwavering determination and tireless exploration will be rewarded. As a testament to your remarkable achievements, two invaluable craft plans shall be bestowed upon you. While these plans may be generated randomly, in the video, you can witness the player receiving not just one but two craft plan items: the Last Alliance Helmet, and Ballin’s Company Shield, which will undoubtedly prove indispensable on your forthcoming adventures.

Fundin's Line

Frequently Asked Questions

How many carvings make up the Muznakan of Fundin’s Line?

The Muznakan consists of five intricate carvings, each with its unique story.

Can I collect ironwood while searching for the carvings?

Yes, you can gather ironwood by exploring dwarf buildings in Dwarrowdelf.

What is the best approach to explore Dwarrowdelf?

To find most of the carvings, explore every nook and cranny of the great city of Dwarrowdelf.

How long did Balin’s Company stay in Moria?

Balin’s Company had a short but eventful stay in Moria, leaving behind the Muznakan as part of their legacy.

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