Complete Guide To LOTR: Return To Moria Ranger Journal Pages

Ranger journal pages can be found all around the world of Return To Moria, if you’ve ever found one you might want to figure out how to obtain more of them to complete the hidden recipes within!

return to moria ranger journal pages

Return To Moria Ranger Journal Pages

In the game, Return to Moria, players can find these pages hidden and scattered about the mines and outposts of old. They hide beneath the bricks and rubble waiting to be found so they can then tell their story—a story of what once was. To start, we should dial it back to what the Return to Moria Ranger Journal Pages are. For they are not just pages. They are pieces of vital history.

Take it as a soldier’s diary. Their only friend when in times of battle and despair. A friend who always listens and keeps your secrets. Back in the earlier years of Moria, Rangers would keep journals and record their lives daily. What battles they fought, what monsters they repelled, everything.

ranger journal snapshot

These pages are found scattered all over Moria but mostly on Orc outposts, buildings, and Ranger camps. However, these pages may also be found earlier in the game when players come fresh off the tutorial although it may be more difficult. Some pages may be hidden within in the walls so it would be best to check every brick and corner!

It is highly suggested to be a little bit farther into the map to find a page or even the book that you need to use to learn more about each page that you may pick up along the way. When you’ve found a page or two there will be rewards such as Brew Recipes like Ironheart Stout and other recipes.

ranger page recipe

Once found, players can find little books in Ranger Camps. There, you can rebuild the book and learn more about the Ranger who once owned it. Once pieced together, the book will be able to tell the bigger story!

ranger journals spawn

These Return to Moria Ranger Journal Pages are what also drive the story of the game itself. What happened in the past, what monsters walked the realm before your time, and what other elements?

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the Return to Moria Ranger Journal Pages. We wish you the best of luck to unlock the secrets and rewards of each page. If you’d like to be the first to get notified of our new releases, guides, and more, join our Official Discord Channel where you can say hi and view other Return to Moria-related articles or guides on other games. Until next time, traveler!


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