The Ultimate Return to Moria “Finished” Seed Save File

Return to Moria has been out for a few weeks now and we’ve had an absolute blast playing the game. Now we know it doesn’t fall under the “MMO” category but as big fans of The Lord of the Rings we really wanted to play it as a team and throw together some short guides for those who may need them!

Seed Save File

One of the main things we noticed while creating guides is there seems to be a minimal amount of resources, a lot of the feedback players have left on our YouTube videos, our Discord, and Live Streams have been… “Where is X, Where is Y, There is not enough of X, there is not enough of Y”.

Seed Save File Forge Area

Using the feedback we received from our community, we have created a save file that you are able to use to get resources you are struggling to obtain. Below are some photos followed by how to download and import it.

This save file will have nearly all the resources you may need. Please keep in mind, that we have put this together to help people who may be totally out of options!

Here is a Step by Step guide on how to use this Seed Save File:

1. Download our Seed Save File Below:

2. Navigate to C:\Users\MMOWiki\AppData\Local\Moria\Saved\SaveGames – Replace “MMOWiki” with your Username. In this folder you will see a bunch of similar named files starting with MW_ and MC_. These are basically your save files.

3. Drop in the return to Moria Save File you downloaded. Please note, you may need to extract it from the Zip file first.

Seed Save File Location

Once you have the seed save file successfully in the SaveGames folder for Moria you can go ahead and open the game. Once in the menu simply load your new save file. You will need to make sure your characters have space in their inventory so you can pop some new goodies in there.

The way it works is, that you go from your save to the save you just downloaded, grab any resources you need, then load back into your own save. So your character can take resources between saves, basically!

We sincerely hope that you have found this guide to be informative. For more guides related to LOTR: Return to Moria, kindly visit our MMO Wiki Homepage and consider joining our Community Discord for updates, guides, and other valuable information.


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