Best Ways To Survive In The Dark In Return To Moria

Survive in the Dark in Return to Moria. Survival in general is one of the primal instincts of man. In video games or in life, we have to know how to survive. Here, we will learn how to conquer the dark in the famous game based on the franchise, Lord of The Rings. Are you ready, traveler? Think you can handle it? Let’s get started.

survive in the dark in return to moria

Survive in the Dark in Return to Moria: The Important Rules

The dark is horrifying. The terrors it holds, the monsters that cloak themselves in the night, the evil that lurks around you. When it comes to Return to Moria, the monsters aren’t the only thing you’d have to worry about. There are more challenges ahead like learning how to survive in the dark in Return to Moria.

1. Fire, Light And Heat Are Essential!

In any survival situation, light should be your best friend. It gives light so you can find your way, offers you warmth, and also provides you with a way to cook your meals through Hearths.

rtm campfire

2. Food Food Food!!!

In a survival situation, food won’t help much but increase your survival by a small bit. Small but it’s something, right? When it comes to food, it is highly recommended to pick foods that actually give you health rather than just fill your hunger. It is highly suggested to cook and bring complex meals as it will not only fill your hunger but also heal your HP.

rtm food

3. Always Keep Track of Where You are on the Map

In surviving in the dark, learning and keeping in mind your location is a great way to not lose your way as you travel through the realm ESPECIALLY in the Dark. Aside from traveling a large distance, to survive in the dark in Return to Moria, it is important to not lose your path. Losing your path would mean total danger! Perhaps you may stumble into a creature’s den, fall off a cliff, or even get lost and lose your entire progress to get to your destination. Surviving is one thing but handling the frustrations of starting over at something is a whole other conversation!

rtm map

4. Minimize your Noise. Stay Silent!

Another way to survive the dark in Return to Moria, minimizing your noise to help you avoid triggering a horde attack. Shroud yourself in the silence of the night and sneak passed your enemies! It not only spares you the trouble of depleting your food and armor, but it’ll also saves you the trouble of dying over, and over, and over again. Shhh! Stealth is key when the sun goes down and the creatures come out on their prowl.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Light and Dark Bar

This rule goes hand in hand with keeping fire or light as close to you as possible. You don’t know what horrors hide beneath the sheath of darkness…Make sure you watch your light and dark bar or else! Once the bar is depleted, you will start to take consistent damage which may lead to weakening or even death. You will also notice that it gets more and more difficult to see and know your way. The darker your surroundings, the deadlier it gets. We don’t want to lose progress now, do we? Watch it!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to survive the dark in Return to Moria. If you’d like to dive into more Return to Moria-related articles or be the first to be notified of our new releases, other game guides, and more, join our official Discord Channel and say hi! Try out Return to Moria yourself and make sure to keep our survival notes in mind, traveler!


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