Exciting Beginners Guide To Palia 2023

Come check out our Beginners Guide to Palia where we share all we know about Palia and how to get started as a new player.

A Beginners Guide To Palia – The Beginning

In this beginners guide to Palia, we should get to know the game itself a bit more! Now where do we start? Let’s jump into a little bit of what Palia is as we begin our journey!

What Is Palia?

Palia is a vibrant new world made just for you. Craft, cook, fish, and farm with friends as you live the life of your dreams and discover an enchanting adventure filled with colorful characters.

Being a multiplayer game players can also make a bunch of new friends or play with old ones seeing as how the game is FREE! That’s right you heard that correctly, the game is free to download and play! How exciting?!

The Story of Palia

As soon as we get into the game, we are greeted with the story of Palia by one of its lovable residents, Jina! The local archeologist of the village! From here, we immediately find out more about the lore of the game where Humans once lived in the past but are thought to have disappeared after being the top species of the world for some time! Then, we came along! A race thought to be extinct has returned!

beginners guide to Palia - village

Meet the locals!

Get to know the friendly locals in Palia! This beginner’s guide provides a list of all the characters you’ll meet in the village. For more details, check out our comprehensive article on the NPCs.


Game Features

Pets! Forever furry friends and companions

Did you know you can bring your furry friends on your journey through Palia? They can keep you company and add to your adventure! Check out our guide to Palia to see all the adorable Palcats!

What to know more about the Palcat? Jump into our info on the recent Patch done to Palia!

palia pets

Palcats are adorable, but players must spend money to have a furry companion. You need to purchase an item from the store to obtain a “ginger cat,” and you must earn at least 3000 Coins to unlock the other three cats.

Meet the Animals

Among other things, we’ll talk about the various animals you’ll get to see like the iconic and much-loved Chapaa! A squirrel-like little animal that runs around the grassy fields in Palia! You’ll find a bunch of these rascals running around the place!

Players can obtain various drops from Palia’s diverse wildlife including Sernuk and Chapaa meat, hides, and other materials from animals like the Proudhorn Sernuk. These items are valuable for crafting furniture, selling, and food.

Bug Hunting

Bug Hunting is one of the fun features Palia has to offer to the players. Palia has a diverse range of animals from bugs to bigger fauna such as the Sernuk and Chapaa. Catch some bugs and build up a whole collection!

Want to become a master in bug hunting? Check out our in-depth guide to Bug Hunting!

palia bug hunting

Skills to Master

Want to explore more? Palia offers skills like Gardening, Foraging and Hunting. Collect rare animals, mine resources, and build your base. You can sell your loot for money. The higher you level your skills the more recipes, equipment, and tools become available to you.

palia skills

Character Customization

At the beginning of every journey, players are given the chance to create their avatar. Palia is no exception. Character customization has a large variety of hairstyles, skin tones, clothing, and the Glider tool. No one will ever run out of possibilities to create their unique character!

palia character cutomization


Aside from hunting and bug catching, fishing is also a beloved activity in Palia. Explore the valleys and villages in search of bodies of water to collect rare fish which can be used for food or as trophies.

einar the golem

Players can spend hours gathering fish for recipes like Sushi, while also enjoying the satisfaction of finally catching that trophy fish. Plus, players can befriend Einar the golem, who loves to fish!

Interior Decor

Unlock the designer in you and bring out your best furniture, statues, and more in your own home. After building a nice little house, players get the chance to decorate them through crafting and recipes they may gain in various ways.

palia house interior

Gather n’ Craft

Do you enjoy gathering resources in games? Palia lets you aimlessly farm and craft various objects with just a few pieces of wood. Build to your heart’s content, gift items to NPCs, or sell them for profit!

Players in Palia can increase their relationship status with NPCs by creating gifts in addition to gathering and crafting items for furniture and tools.

palia crafting

Tons of Quests

As the game progresses, more quests from NPCs, story quests, and rewards will be added with every patch and event. Exciting new missions and content await!

palia quests

Farming and Gardening

Want more of a cozy feel? Players can farm and harvest their crops for food, selling, or crafting! We can’t miss one of the best parts of Palia- farming! Check out our Advanced Gardening guide to become a pro and earn more gold. Spend your day cooking, chopping trees, mining rocks, and tending to your crops for a healthy harvest.

palia gardening

Get to know the villages and towns

Kilima Village

palia main map

Kilima isn’t just a Village where everyone gathers. It is a home for all and a welcoming realm for the Villagers, players, and animals alike. Nearby the main village, resources can be spotted, mined, and gathered and can even be sold in one of the many shops in Kilima Village.

In Kilima Village, you can find the main town where you can purchase items and meet most of the characters. Here, you can also spot the iconic Chapaa of the game!

Bahari Bay

palia bahari bay

Bahari Bay is home to Hodari, his shop and Najuma, his daughter. The father-and-daughter combo will surely give you nothing but a good time in Palia. Aside from this, Bahari Bay is different from Kilima Village since some materials and items can only be found in certain places. If Clay and Copper are abundant around Kilima Village, Iron and Palium ore are abundant around Bahari Bay.

Kilima Village has its Chapaa and its Sernuk while Bahari Bay also has majestic animals only found in specific areas. Journey to Bahari Bay to see different kinds of life. The Proudhorn Sernuk, Striped Chapaa, and many more.


We hope you enjoyed our quick Beginners guide to Palia! Want more about Palia such as guides for the NPCs of Palia or a fun fishing guide? Check out our Palia Homepage. Join our official discord server and say hi!




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