Where to Find Fabric in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Fabric

The role of Fabric within the realm of Enshrouded is pivotal, serving as a fundamental component for crafting/producing armor and unique construction decorations throughout the game. Acquiring Fabric necessitates the acquisition of a Loom, a resource-intensive apparatus that unlocks an array of creative avenues. This comprehensive guide will delve into the strategies for obtaining/producing Fabric, emphasizing the process of crafting via the Loom and procuring them from specific locales within Kindlewastes.

Crafting Fabric with the Loom

Questing for the Loom

Embarking on the journey of Fabric crafting requires initial acquisition of the Loom through the successful rescue of the Hunter and the completion of her series of quests. Commence by engaging with the Hunter, who will task you with the retrieval of the missing Loom. Upon fulfillment of her preliminary missions/quests, she will issue further directives guiding you to the location of the Loom, situated within the Nomad Highland.

Retrieving the Loom

The settlement of East Lapis, situated in the northwest corner of Kindlewastes, houses the Loom. To reach East Lapis, navigate north from the Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes or traverse from the Ancient Vault – Nomad Highlands, venturing into Vukah territory (Not recommended). Upon arrival at East Lapis, exercise caution due to the presence of level 25 Scavengers.

Within East Lapis, locate the Weaver’s Cottage, a prominent building on the western side of the town’s main road (Beside broken the bridge).

Inside this structure, head to the southwestern corner of the ground floor, where a pit awaits.

Descend into the pit to discover the hidden Loom, a critical device for Fabric production.

Crafting Fabric

Place the Loom within your base to unlock the Fabric crafting recipe, requiring two (2) Linen per Fabric creation. This initiates the Fabric grind, prompting the need for extensive resource management and agricultural efforts.

Maximizing Fabric Production Efficiency

To optimize Fabric production, implement strategic farming practices. Flax farming proves advantageous; convert acquired flax into Flax Seeds and utilize Seedbeds to cultivate Flax efficiently.

Advanced players can access the Laboratory to synthesize/craft Nitrate and Fossilized Bone Dust, essential components for crafting fertilized soil. But, you can also use normal Farm Soil if you find it hard to craft Fertilized Farm Soil (Crafted from the Farmer).

Fertilized soil or Normal Farm Soil significantly enhances crop growth speed, facilitating expedited Flax production for Linen and subsequent Fabric creation. This methodical approach streamlines the resource-intensive Fabric manufacturing process, empowering players with ample Fabric reserves for their armor and base enhancement needs.

Looting Fabric in Kindlewastes

Another method to obtain/farm Fabric in Enshrouded involves looting destructibles such as vases and other lootables found within the Kindlewastes biome (Mostly in places like the Sun Temple, Ancient Tower, and Deserted Camps). While this method is less reliable compared to crafting Fabric using the Loom, it provides an alternative means of acquiring this essential material.

Utilizing Fabric for Padding

Fabric serves a critical role in crafting padding through interactions with the Hunter in Enshrouded. Padding is a key component required for producing/crafting desirable end-game armor sets, demanding significant quantities of Fabric in the process.

Fabric is often used to make Padding, another end-game crafting material from the Hunter. Padding is extremely important for making those end-game armor sets, as you often need 1-5 pieces of padding per armor piece, depending on the armor slot.

This means you will be eating up your Fabric by creating this armor padding. It’s another reason we highly recommend setting up a large farm for Flax, alongside using fertilized soil when possible to speed up the grind for this material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I craft Fabric without the Loom?
Yes, by looting Fabric from chests and destructibles in the Kindlewastes Area/Biome.

How do I optimize Fabric production?
Establish a Flax Farm, utilize fertilized soil, and produce more seedlings for efficient crop farming.

What is the importance of Padding in Enshrouded?
Padding is crucial for crafting/producing advanced armor sets, making Fabric a pivotal material.

Where can I find the Weaver’s Cottage in East Lapis?
The Weaver’s Cottage is located on the western side of the main road in East Lapis.

Is farming Flax necessary for Fabric production?
Yes, cultivating flax is advised to maintain a steady provision of linen for fabric production.

How can I enhance my armor crafting efficiency?
Set up an large flax farm and apply fertilized soil to accelerate the growth of the crops.

Navigating the realm of Enshrouded to acquire Fabric demands a harmonious orchestration of quest endeavors, resource management, and methodical planning. By meticulously adhering to these prescribed steps/procedure, players can unlock the latent potential of Fabric manipulation, thus enriching their immersive interaction with the game via enhanced armaments and distinctive embellishments for their homes.

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