All LOTR Return To Moria Damage Types And Enemy Weaknesses

Return to Moria Damage types, something not many people look for but something all players can use in the long run as they play through the game. Do you want to maximize your damage accuracy? What weapons you should use vs what weapons you shouldn’t use? Here, we will go over everything you need to know about Return to Moria Damage types and enemy weaknesses. Sharpen your swords and polish your shields!

return to moria damage types

Return To Moria Damage Types

In Return to Moria, there are a few types of damage to get familiar with. The following are the types of damage in Return to Moria along with the weapons they are connected to. Each weapon deals specific damage to mobs.

For example, using piercing damage on a Mountain Goat in Return to Moria deals more damage than slashing weapons. Oftentimes, you would need to hit the animal twice or three times depending on the weapon but when you use piercing damage, you would only need to hit it once, depending on the Tier weapon you are using.

Damage TypeWeapon
CrushingAxe/War Axe

In Return to Moria, it is also important to note that there are enchantments you can use to increase your damage against enemies. One such enchantment is the Khamin Rakhas enchantment which increases your damage against Orcs. Enchanting your weapons enhances their damage greatly as well as other uses such as mining.

axe weapon

Best Damage Type Chart Per Enemy

The Return to Moria Damage type chart below showcases the best weapon/weapons to use against specific mobs as well as their damage increase. Damage increase may also be affected using runes, for example, the aforementioned Khamin Rakhas rune which gives you bonus damage against Orcs. Pairing this rune up with the best weapon type for orcs, Crushing Damage (Axes, Battle Axes, etc.) would greatly increase your damage by 20-30% depending on the weapon.

MobRanged DamageBludgeoning DamagePiercing DamageCrushing DamageSlashing Damage
+ Damage+ + Damage– Damage
+ Damage+ Damage+ + Damage
+ Damage+ + Damage+ Damage

+ Damage+ Damage
Giant Moth
+ Damage+ + Damage
Cave Spiders
+ + Damage+ Damage
+ + Damage+ Damage
Cave Troll (Armed)
+ + Damage
Cave Troll (Unarmed)
+ + Damage+ Damage
Watcher in the waters
+ + Damage
Troll King
+ + Damage+ Damage
Narag Shazon
+ Damage+ + Damage
(In the Return to Moria Damage types chart above, every Weapon Type with the “+” is a good Weapon Type to use against a Mob. Weapon Types with “++” are the best.)

Best Damage Type Per Animal

In Return to Moria, food is just as important as the loot and ores you may mine in the game. To maximize your damage against huntable animals, check out the chart below!

AnimalRanged DamageBludgeoning DamagePiercing DamageCrushing DamageSlashing Damage

Mountain Goat
+ + Damage+ Damage

+ Damage+ Damage+ + Damage+ Damage+ Damage

Cave Bear
+ Damage+ Damage+ + Damage

+ Damage+ + Damage+ Damage
+ Damage+ Damage+ + Damage
+ Damage+ Damage+ + Damage+ Damage

In the magical world of Return to Moria, you must tread your own journey. In fighting powerful enemies like Bolgakh, Cave Trolls, the Watcher in the Water, the Troll King, or even Narag Shazon, you need more than bravery. Check out our guides on how to defeat those powerful bosses! Combined with the damage types, you are set to take these powerful beings head-on no matter the difficulty or brute force they may hold! Want to know the secret to killing Orcs? Dive into our Return to Moria Runes article and uncover the secret to dispatching these heathens!

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