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Complete Guide to Ore and Ingots in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria

This is our comprehensive list of all the Ore and Ingots you will find in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria and their locations. As you progress through the game you will find that Ore and the Ingots they produce are one of the most valuable resources in the game.

Every Ore in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

Stoneore and ingots stone imageStone is commonly found all throughout the Mines of Moria. Stone is massively abundant at any point of your adventure!
Ironore and ingots iron oreIron can be located as early as 200 Fathoms deep. Commonly found from the area surrounding the first Map Stone, onward.
Tinore and ingots tin oreTin can be found throughout Moria, with larger quantities found in both The Lower Deeps and further down in Fathom count.
Copperore and ingots copper oreCopper is commonly found throughout Moria, with no particular hotspot.
Graniteore and ingots granite oreGranite can be located in The Lower Deeps most commonly.
Adamantore and ingots adamant oreAdamant is commonly found in two major locations; Barazinbar and Dwarrowdelf.
Coalore and ingots coal oreCoal is found throughout the Mines of Moria as an important fuel source.
Silverore and ingots silver oreSilver Ore can be located starting as deep as The Lower Deeps area. Heading down further in Fathoms doesn’t yield more Silver, however, Silver is still present.
Goldore and ingots gold oreGold is commonly found in veins within the Dwarrowdelf area. A few Gold Ore Veins can also be found in The Lower Deeps.
Star Metalore and ingots starmetal oreStar Metal Ore is initially found in abundance at the Barazinbar area in Moria.
Mithrilore and ingots mithril Mithril is first located in the Darkest Deeps, Barazinbar area. Eventually, Mithril Mine Shafts can be found, providing a ton of Mithril Ore.

Ore and Ingots Pallets

As seen in the image below, LOTR: Return to Moria provides players with a ton of storage options for all Ore and Ingots available. This is vital due to the fact that almost all of these resources are important throughout the game. Make sure to create Pallets in your base to stock up on valuable Ore and Ingots!

Every Ingot in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

Ironore and ingots ironForgeable in the furnace from the beginning of the playthrough.
Steelore and ingots steel ingotThe Steel Ingot recipe is initially found during the revival of the Great Forge of Narvi. The ingot is forgeable in any furnace after.
Copperore and ingots copper ingotThe Copper Ingot recipe is initially found early in the game, shortly after the discovery of the Great Forge of Narvi. Approximately 230~ Fathoms deep.
Bronzeore and ingots bronze ingotThe Bronze Ingot recipe is initially found early in the game, shortly after the discovery of the Great Forge of Narvi. Approximately 230~ Fathoms deep.
Silverore and ingots silver ingotForgeable after reaching The Lower Deeps, along with the discovery of Silver Ore.
Shanorore and ingots shanor ingotForgeable after rebuilding the Great Forge of Belegost.
Khazad Steelore and ingots khazad steel ingotKhazad Steel Ingots can be made in the Ufuhan Furnaces throughout the mines. However, Khazad Steel can also be found in Orkish Chests.
Nogrod Steelore and ingots nogrod steelForgeable after reviving the Nogrod Forge. Further forgeable in Ufuhan Furnaces & Great Forges.
Star Metalore and ingots starmetal ingotA later-game Ingot. Can be forged in an Ufuhan Furnace or at any Great Forge. Recipe typically located once you have reached the Barazinbar area of Moria.
Durinul Ironore and ingots durinul ingotForgeable after reviving the Great Forge of Durin. A late game Ingot that is required to make Durin’s Guard Armor and Durin’s Axe.
Mithrilore and ingots mithril ingotMithril Ingots can be smelted in any Great Forges or Ufuhan Furnaces. Recipe found later into the playthrough.

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