Great Mithril Forge Guide

Welcome, dwarfs, to the Mithril Forge Guide in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. This guide will assist you in exploring the depths of Moria, uncovering the Great Mithril Forge’s location, and providing step-by-step instructions for activation. Join us on this thrilling adventure to unlock the secrets of this legendary dwarven forge and explore Middle-earth’s hidden treasures. Your journey begins now!

The Great Mithril Forge

Mithril Forge Location

The Mithril Forge can be found nestled within the heart of Moria, in a place known as Baranzinbar, which holds great significance in the history of this Dwarven kingdom. Barazinbar, the central mountain of Moria, not only served as the primary source of their prized Mithril deposits but also played host to the unfortunate awakening of the Balrog. Navigating this challenging terrain often involves ascending and descending cliffs as you traverse from one side to another. As you delve deeper into the mountainous expanse of Baranzibar, your journey will eventually lead you to The Mithril Lode, a location housing a colossal statue that has been fragmented into pieces, awaiting your exploration.

Deep Mountain of Baranzinbar

How to Access the Mithril Forge

To gain access to the Great Mithril Forge, you will encounter a massive monument located just outside the Forge’s entrance on the Mithril Lode. Take caution, as there are orc camps near this monument. Once you’ve pinpointed this statue, your task will be to reconstruct it using 20 stones. It’s important to ensure you have ample resources in your possession, as they will be essential for your journey into the Great Mithril Forge. Once you have successfully restored the monument, your next step will be to stand before it and perform a sacred chant to activate the holy doors of the Mithril Forge.

Damaged Monument

Once you’ve completed singing in front of the monument, you can proceed into the Great Mithril Forge, but the challenges are far from over. Similar to the forges you may have encountered before, you’ll soon realize that the forge is nonfunctional, as certain components need replacement to make it usable for players. Several essential items are needed to harness the full power of the Great Mithril Forge.

Singing in front of the Monument

Acquiring Replacement Parts

To bring the Great Mithril Forge to life, players must embark on a quest to find the necessary components. These components include a Replacement Pipe, Replacement Gear, and Replacement Crank, all hidden within the room. Your resourcefulness and problem-solving skills will be put to the test as you collect these items, unlocking the potential of the Great Mithril Forge in the process.

Replacement Pipe

Getting hold of the replacement pipes for the Great Mithril Forge is a task, but putting them back together in the right place can be tricky. As soon as you step inside the doors of the Great Mithril Forge, you’ll spot the replacement pipe on your side. It is placed in front of a statue in that room.

Replacement Pipe

Once you have the replacement pipe, make your way towards the forge and go up the stairs on your right. However, you’ll soon notice that these stairs are broken, so to position the pipe correctly, you’ll need to either create a platform or ask someone for help. Here’s what you need to do: when you reach that level, switch to throwing mode by pressing “R” on your keyboard. It will allow you to throw the replacement pipe up to that level. Quickly jump after it, making sure to catch it before it falls again, and then proceed to place it where it needs to go for those repairs.

Replacement Crank

Locating the Forge’s Crank is a straightforward task, and you’ll discover it resting on the ground immediately beside the furnace. This particular piece is an integral part of the mechanism, essential for restoring the forge’s functionality. Simply approach it, pick it up, and proceed to position it onto the handle of the device to initiate the repair process for the initial component. Your journey to rejuvenate the Great Mithril Forge begins with these simple yet crucial steps.

Replacement Crank

Replacement Gear

Finding the replacement gear for the Great Mithril Forge may pose a slight challenge, as it is not readily visible within the room. In this hidden corner, tucked behind the forge and adjacent to the left-side stairs, you will discover the replacement gear. Your keen observation and determination will be your allies in this quest to restore the forge’s functionality.

Replacement Gear

Similar to the replacement pipe, putting the gear in its proper place atop the Mithril Forge requires some effort. To accomplish this, head towards the left stairs and ascend them. These stairs are also damaged, so you’ll either need to construct a platform or seek assistance from a friend to reach the upper level. Here’s how to do it: once you reach the upper level, activate the throwing mode by pressing the R key. It enables you to toss the replacement gear to a higher level. Quickly jump after it to ensure you retrieve it before it descends, and then proceed to position it in the designated location for the necessary repairs.

Activated Great Mithril Forge

After successfully gathering all the components and activating the Great Mithril Forge, brace yourself for an impending battle, as a swarm of hordes will soon converge upon your location. Make sure that you are adequately equipped and ready for combat. It’s important to point out that the smaller goblins are notably less formidable than what you might typically encounter, so it’s a wise tactic to identify a strategic chokepoint to defend, allowing you to manage the situation.

An additional noteworthy advantage you’ll attain when the forge is successfully activated is access to more advanced tools, weaponry, and armor, along with other associated resources that require Mithril ores. These newfound resources will empower you to create valuable items like the Shieldwall and the Shaz’akhnaman.

Great Mithril Forge Crafting Lists


The Mithril Forge in Return to Moria is an indispensable resource for players embarking on their journey. It not only imparts insights into the region’s lore and geography but also furnishes detailed instructions for navigating the challenging terrain and reactivating the Great Mithril Forge, emphasizing teamwork and resourcefulness in the process. The guide also prepares players for encounters with adversaries and provides strategic guidance for effective defense. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out our guide on how to activate the Great Belegost Forge and the Great Furnace of Narvi. While at it be sure to visit our LOTR Return To Moria on our homepage for more guides.


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