Reseal the Wards Quest Guide in LOTR Return to Moria

If you ever find yourself on the hunt for Durins Lamp recipe or near the Well of Shadows make sure to check out our guide on how to complete the Reseal the Wards quest!

You can also watch this video guide for assistance in completing the quest.

Reseal the Wards Quest

At this point, you should be within the Dragon’s Hoard, located in Barazinbar, having emerged victorious over the fearsome Dragon, Narag-Shazon! Your next endeavor is the “Reseal the Wards” Quest, which entails the resealing of the Wards encompassing the Well of Shadows, from which Morgoth’s very essence seeps into the world after the devastating assault by Rukhus!

Locate the Damaged Monument to Durin

The Damaged Monument of Durin can still be found within the vicinity of Barazinbar, around the Well of Shadows, an area with purple mist. A distinctive feature of this monument is its notable size and dark appearance compared to other monuments or statues.

well of shadows

Rebuild the Damaged Monument

Remember to equip your tools for the reconstruction process! In the realm of LOTR: Return to Moria, an Adamant Hammer is an essential tool for rebuilding. You can obtain the recipe for this tool after defeating the dragon. Simply press ‘E’ to commence rebuilding the damaged monument.

reseal the wards

Sing after the Durin’s Monument

Following the successful reconstruction of the Monument to Durin, your character will be filled with inspiration and break into song. We recommend having your audio enabled to fully appreciate your character’s melodic performance. Wait for your character to finish singing, and you will find that the quest has been accomplished!

And there you have it! You have successfully resealed the Wards around the Well of Shadows. It’s as easy as that. After completing this quest, you will obtain the recipe for Durin’s Lamp which you’ll need to craft the lamp itself. From there, you can proceed to tackle other quests, such as “Rebuild the Bridge” and “Exit the Dimrill Gate,” as you continue your journey. 

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