Return to Moria Armor Guide – Blue Bar Above the Health Bar

Players are invited to explore the depths of the fabled underground city, Moria, in The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria, set in the vast and perilous world of Middle-earth. In-depth Return to Moria armor guide, a must-have tool for explorers attempting to overcome Moria’s obstacles, is introduced in this article. We will reveal the most powerful and durable armor recipes as we explore the mysterious chambers and learn the mysteries that lie within. This will arm players to become legendary heroes in their Middle-earth quests and make sure they are ready to face the perils that lurk around every corner in this legendary realm.

What are Armors in Return to Moria?

In The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria, your primary mission involves resource gathering and the creation of your tools, weaponry, and armor. Early on, as you grapple with ravenous wolves and menacing goblins, the noticeable absence of armor can lead to numerous failed attempts. Enhancing your equipment becomes a pivotal step in improving your gameplay experience, and the introduction of Return to Moria armor brings a game-changing dynamic.

Return to Moria Armor

Return to Moria Armor holds significant importance in-game. It enhances a player’s survivability against the many dangers of Moria, aids in-game progression by providing defense against stronger foes, offers customization options to tailor playstyle, contributes to role-playing and immersion in Middle-earth’s rich lore, may provide tactical advantages with unique abilities, and often serves as collectibles and achievements, adding to the overall gaming experience. Careful consideration of armor choices and upgrades is essential for success in this dangerous Middle-earth adventure.

Durin's Guard

What is the Blue Bar Above the Health Bar?

Amid your epic adventures, you may find yourself pondering the enigmatic blue bar discreetly positioned above your health bar; this is known as the Armor bar, and it reflects the state of your protective gear, with each blue helmet icon representing an extra segment of your Armor, and it’s important to note that, in most scenarios, damage first affects your Armor before your Health, making the upkeep and repair of your Armor a critical aspect of your character’s survival.

Blue Bar - Armor Bar

How To Get Return to Moria Armor?

The initial step to obtaining Return to Moria Armor involves acquiring a recipe for a specific piece of armor. The simplest method is to repair the numerous broken statues scattered throughout Moria. By crafting an Iron Hammer through your crafting menu and using it while carrying an adequate amount of stone, you can restore these statues. More intricate statues will necessitate a greater quantity of stone and, for the most rewarding secrets, an upgraded hammer. If you don’t know where to find these forges check out our guide for The Great Belegost Forge or The Great Furnace of Narvi.

Armor in Inventory

Once you’ve unlocked the recipe, you can utilize your Forge to craft any newly discovered armor designs, provided you possess the necessary resources. For exceptionally potent armor, accessing specialized, colossal forges scattered throughout the game world will be a requirement.

Khazad Armor

Return to Moria armor, while not impervious to damage, has the advantage of not vanishing entirely when it deteriorates; it simply becomes nonfunctional until it’s mended. Construct a Repair Smithy, and you’ll have the ability to swiftly restore your armor, provided you have the necessary resources at your disposal.

How to Craft Armor in Return to Moria?

A Return to Moria armor recipe may be easily accessed through the crafting menu and is made available in your recipe list after successful unlocking. This is an invaluable resource that lists all of the necessary materials that need to be gathered in detail in addition to exposing the workstation needed to make the armor. The bulk of armor designs can be completed using a basic forge, but keep in mind that some outstanding pieces may require the use of a workbench or, in some situations, a more sophisticated and specialized forge.

Forging Armor

Where To Unlock Return to Moria Armor Recipes?

In your adventure to collect Return to Moria Armor recipes, your adventure will revolve around the repairing of broken statues scattered across the game. However, to embark on this quest, you must possess, at the very least, an Iron Hammer. Equipped with this tool and an ample quantity of stone, mending these statues will bestow upon you a reward in the shape of either an entire armor recipe or a segment of such a recipe. Take note that fixing statues later on in the game requires better hammers and the stone players use will be changed into Ihraz Granite. Additionally, armor recipes may also be discovered in various places, including the Muznakan carving chests found throughout Return to Moria.

Broken Statue - Armor, Tools, and Weapons Recipes


This guide has illuminated the process of obtaining and crafting armor, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and repair in the face of its eventual wear and tear. Armor recipes are discovered through the restoration of statues, showcasing the intricacies of the game’s crafting system.

Your character’s safety, represented by the Armor bar, remains paramount, and the dynamic nature of armor keeps players engaged and invested in their journey. Armor in Return to Moria is not just a shield; it is a testament to the ever-evolving adventures in the enchanting world of Middle-earth, turning players into the heroes of their epic tales. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for LOTR Return To Moria on our homepage!


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