Where to find the Khazadstone in LOTR Return to Moria

In the world of Middle-earth, adventure awaits around every corner. In the game “LOTR: Return to Moria,” one of the key quests involves finding the Khazadstone. This precious artifact is essential for your final journey, but it’s not an easy task to obtain. We’ll guide you through the steps to locate the Khazadstone, starting from the moment you enter Barazinbar. Let’s embark on this epic quest together!


Where to Find the Khazadstone

The journey to find the Khazadstone begins the moment you set foot in Barazinbar, in order to go to barazinbar you need to dispelled one of the shadow cursed door using the Durin’s Axe. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t miss out on this essential item:

entrance to khazadstone

Entering Barazinbar

Our adventure begins as we enter Barazinbar. Picture yourself walking through the ancient halls, feeling the echoes of history in the air. This underground city is where we’ll start our journey.

Barazinbar Hallway

Defeat the Enemies

Outside the Mithril Forge, you’ll face some formidable foes. To proceed, you’ll need to eliminate them. Equip your best gear and prepare for battle. Remember, the Khazadstone’s power is worth the effort.

Fighting Monsters

Rebuild the Statue

Once you’ve cleared the area of threats, you’ll come across a statue. Take a moment to rebuild it. This act of restoration is a crucial step toward your goal. After rebuilding the statue, you’ll need to sing a particular tune. This enchanting melody will resonate with the gate, causing it to open. As the gate swings wide, you’ll be one step closer to your objective.

Singing in statue

King Nains’ Grave

Before you enter the Mithril Forge and embark on the final leg of your journey, you’ll notice a tomb in front of the gate. This grave belongs to King Naias, a legendary figure in the game. The Khazadstone rests within this tomb, waiting for you to claim it.

King Nains Grave
Khazadstone Company

Your End Goal

Your journey doesn’t end here. After you’ve defeated the final boss and emerged victorious, your ultimate task is to deliver the Khazadstone to King Thorin. This act will mark the completion of your heroic adventure.

In the epic adventure of “LOTR: Return to Moria,” the quest for the Khazadstone is a thrilling and challenging endeavor. From the moment you enter Barazinbar to the final moments when you gift the stone to King Thorin, your path is fraught with mystery, danger, and excitement. The Khazard Stone isn’t just an ordinary in-game item; it symbolizes your heroism and determination.

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