Climbing The Ancient Spire In Low Meadows – Enshrouded

Climbing the Ancient Spire in Low Meadows in Enshrouded is a need to unlock a fast travel point. Here, we’ll tackle everything there is to know about achieving such a challenge and getting through the Spire’s many obstacles and puzzles! Join us as we climb to the top.

climbing the ancient spire - low meadows

Climbing The Ancient Spire In Low Meadows – Getting Started

To begin climbing the Ancient Spire in Low Meadows, of course, you must first enter the Spire itself. There, you will come across the middle of the structure where there’s a portal platform. Approach it and interact with the portal platform to get yourself transported to the first puzzle of the Spire.

step 1 to the puzzle 1

First Puzzle

The first puzzle you’ll have to solve in climbing the Ancient Spire involves a lot of patience. Here you will be transported to a room where you will need two switches. Both switches are located in the neighboring room from where you are transported. Fair warning! The floor is quite prickly! Here’s exactly how to get through the room and press the two switches.

puzzle 1 switch

Puzzle 1 Switch 1

To the right of the room you are transported in, is another room where you can find the first two switches. Be warned that this room is equipped with spike traps that come up from the ground that may deal some damage and stun players so be sure to avoid them! To do this, time your movement right and run straight to the first and closest switch as shown in the image above. From there, you should be able to reach a safe platform where you can then press the switch.

puzzle 1 switch 1

Puzzle 1 Switch 2

After pressing the first switch of the room, watch the floor carefully. The next and final switch for this level of the floor in climbing the Ancient Spire is located right next to the first switch. To get to the final switch, do the same thing for the first switch! Time it right when the spikes are lowered and run as fast as you can to the next switch.

puzzle 1 switch 2

After pressing the two switches successfully, go back to the room where you started and there should be an open door. From there, enter the room and go to the next level by interacting with the portal. The following is as shown in the images below.

next portal

Second Puzzle

After solving the first puzzle, we’re now to move to the next floor! Here, we will only need to press one switch to move on to climbing the Ancient Spire. To get started, from the portal platform, walk forward until you reach the same spike traps as the first floor. This is where it gets tricky! The floor spikes do not go off until you reach the switch.

second puzzle

To get to the switch for the second puzzle, run to the platform then turn right.

second puzzle

From there, run until you reach the end of the hall turn left, and then turn left again until you see and reach the switch. After pressing the switch, the floor spikes will then go off. From there, time your run again to go back to the room you were in. Once you’ve found your way back, we can then proceed to the next level.

Third Puzzle

To the left of the second portal platform is a room with several doors. To get started on finding the next switch, run to the marked corner of the room as seen in the image below. There, you will find a gate. Open and enter the gate to begin your search for the next switch.

third puzzle

From there, you will be greeted by another set of spike traps. Like always, wait and analyze its patterns so you can better time your run! Once the spikes are down, run and turn left where you can reach the safe platform and avoid the spikes completely in the middle of the hallway. The following is as shown in the images below.

third puzzle hallway

Once you’ve successfully reached the safe platform, time your run once again and run to the end of the hall, and finally, turn left where you will be met by the switch and a portal platform.

third puzzle switch

Next Switch

Furthering into climbing the Ancient Spire, after pressing the switch in the Third Puzzle, don’t use the teleporter just yet! Go back to the room with the several doors at the beginning of the third puzzle. From there, you will find one of the few doors are opened. Enter this door where you will find a chest as well as the next switch! This specific door is the one directly next to the second puzzle door. Refer to the image below.

next switch
next switch actual

From there, exit the room and enter the door directly in front of it. This should lead you back to the portal platform in the third puzzle area. Then, use the platform to move on to climbing the Ancient Spire.

next portal platform

Fourth Puzzle

It’s now time to face a bigger challenge in the form of a few sets of obstacles. Room of Thorns, The Floor is Lava, and Hall of Electricity. At the end of this series of puzzles, players are to press a few switches.

Room Of Thorns

As you get transported by the portal platform, you are then met with a large room of spike traps on the floor! Don’t worry, we’ll get you through this! It may be a bit tricky to get through but for this level, running and double jumping are the keys to surviving the massive floor of spikes. To begin, from the portal platform, run to the opening to the left as marked in the image below. Be quick and remember to time it correctly!

platform 1

Once you’ve reached this safe space, directly next to it to the left is another opening where you can be safe from the spikes. As always, time it correctly and run to the next location.

next safe platform

Once you’re safe from the spikes, in front of the safe platform you’re on and a little bit to the left is a gate you can open. The distance from the platform to the gate is fairly small so players are 100% able to run or jump and open the gate safely. This gate is marked in the image below.

The Floor Is Lava!

Once you’ve entered the opened gate, don’t think you’re completely safe yet! In the new room you’re in and to the right is a pool of lava that you’ll have to carefully cross. Running and jumping from one platform to another to get that momentum going is the trick to get past the lava room.

lava jump

The lava being incredibly hot may deal some damage but it isn’t something players immediately die from. Carefully make your way across and to the right to reach the next platform. After jumping across the lava, you are now to climb the wall at the end of the hallway.

after lava
wall climb

Hall Of Electricity

After climbing over the wall, move to the right of the platform and once you drop down, you will be greeted by a hall of electric orbs shooting from the wall traps. Getting past these attacks is fairly easy, you just have to time your movements right like all the other traps and obstacles thus far.

electric wall

Once you’ve gotten through the two electricity traps, turn right and then left. You should then be able to see a pressure switch and across from it, is another switch that you can only press if you’re standing on the pressure plate to open the gate. You can do this by standing on the pressure plate and shooting the other switch with an arrow.

Final Switch

For the final switch, after turning on the pressure plate switches, proceed to the room to the left of the pressure plate. There, you will need to cross another large room using your grappling hook. Once you’ve crossed, then climb up the wall and up into the room above. This is shown in the image below.

final switch 1

Once you arrive in the room above the climbable wall, you will then be greeted by the final switch to press.

final switch loc

Climbing The Ancient Spire – Ending

After pressing the final switch in climbing the Ancient Spire in Enshrouded, proceed to the portal platform right below the last switch area. From there, you will then be transported to the very top of the spire where you can commune with the flame.

Ancient Spire – Low Meadows Walkthrough

Climbing The Ancient Spire – Conclusion

After everything, the damage taken, the mind-boggling puzzles, and the heart-stopping traps, you are now able to fast travel to the Ancient Spire in Enshrouded. From this high location, you can glide above most of the map for faster travel and quite the scenic route!

We hope you found this guide to Climbing the Ancient Spire in Enshrouded helpful for your gameplay. For more content like this on Enshrouded, join our official Discord Channel or take a look at our official Enshrouded Homepage where you’ll find more guides, news, and other articles. Until next time!


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