Where To Get Palm Wood Logs In Enshrouded

Find and farm Palm Wood Logs in Enshrouded through our complete and easy steps to get you started on your projects. Let’s begin!

palm wood logs in enshrouded

Palm Wood Logs In Enshrouded


Before we tackle where you can find Palm Wood in Enshrouded, let’s first get familiar with what Palm Trees and Palm Wood Logs look like. Let’s start with Palm Trees. Before chopping and processing, Palm Trees can be found in the Red Desert of the Kindlewaste Area. Palm Trees grow all over the Red Desert with its rugged surface and pointy leaves with colors ranging from green to reddish-orange.

palm wood logs in inventory

Palm Trees can be found in different shapes and sizes. Some Palm Trees grow another tree on their side while some grow as a single tree. There are even small baby Palm Trees growing in the sands! These trees aren’t so easy to go unnoticed with their unique appearance and endemic nature as they can only be found in the Red Desert areas.

Where To Find Palm Wood Logs

The easiest way to get some Palm Wood Logs in Enshrouded is from the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes. This way, we can have somewhere familiar to start from as well as fast travel. However, if you haven’t unlocked the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes, you may have to travel on foot from your base to Kindlewastes. Be sure to avoid Shrouds and Deadly Shrouds on your way there!

Location 1

As mentioned at the beginning of the guide, Palm Wood Logs can be harvested from Palm Trees and Palm trees can be found in the Kindlewaste region of Enshrouded. The best way to find and harvest Palm Wood Logs is to fast travel to the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire. For more Palm Wood Logs in Enshrouded, we’ll review a few locations to find Palm Wood Logs.

kindlewastes ancient spire

From the Ancient Spire, the first location can be found right outside of the Spire itself. We have provided a marked location on the map for better reference.

loc 1

To reach this location, look down and north of the Spire. From there, you should be able to spot a patch of Shroud on the ground. Look closely and there, you’ll see some Palm Trees. Jump down and use your axe to chop the Palm tree down and claim your Palm Wood Logs in Enshrouded.

logs loc 1
harvest 1

Location 2

The next location is just at the foot of the Ancient Spire. From the top of the spire, head to the east side of the structure and look down. From there, you should be able to spot the Palm Trees.

loc 2

From there, glide down and harvest away.

loc 2

Location 3

For our last location closest to the spire, head Northwest of the spire as marked in the image below.

map loc 3

To harvest Palm Wood logs in Enshrouded for this location, glide over to the marked location as given above until you get past the patch of shroud and arrive in front of a rock structure.

loc 3
palm wood tree 3

Where To Find Palm Wood Logs – Other Locations

Now that we’ve discussed locations near the Ancient Spire in Kindlewastes, let’s now focus on other locations to get Palm Wood Logs in Enshrouded. Marked in red item markers in the map below are several locations of Palm Trees in Kindlewastes. Palm trees are pretty much everywhere in this region but you just have to look around as much as you can! Tread carefully as the path in Kindlewastes is riddled with enemies such as Scavengers, Poisonous Scorpions, and large Red Birds that hit with high damage. It is highly recommended to prepare higher-grade armor as well as weapons to ensure safe travels in regions such as Kindlewastes.

other locations

Palm Wood Logs Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What can Palm Wood Logs in Enshrouded be used for?

Answer: Palm Wood Logs can be used for all sorts of crafting recipes from decorations such as plates and cups to armor and building blocks to make a base from Palm Wood Blocks.

Question: Do I have to unlock the Spire in Kindlewastes to get some Palm Wood Blocks?

Answer: No, you don’t really have to unlock the spire to farm Palm Wood Logs. However, it just makes everything so much easier to do such as fast travel rather than going on foot every time. Kindlewastes is a far Region on the map so it is just a good strategy to unlock fast travel spires for transportation to your base or going from your base to the region. This is also really useful to have around whenever you need other items such as Scales, Sand, or Sandstone.

Question: Do I need a specific grade of axe to cut down Palm Trees?

Answer: No, in fact, you can even use the normal axe every player starts with to harvest some Palm Wood Logs from Palm Trees. Any grade of axe works wonders for Palm Trees but higher-grade tools just makes the job faster and more efficient.

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