How To Get Sand In Enshrouded

Are you looking for some sand in enshrouded for your next project? We’ll show you where you can get a handful with easy steps and locations.

sand in enshrouded

Sand In Enshrouded

What Do You Need To Harvest Sand?

Like dirt, you will need a pickaxe to dig it up and harvest. Any type and quality of pickaxe works perfectly with this material! You also need a spacious inventory as sand takes up a lot of space after a while. In the image below, we just used a normal pickaxe that players start off with.


Finding Sand

Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire

To begin, starting from your home base, you will need to go to the Nomad Highhlands Ancient Spire as this is the easiest and nearest place to start. If you don’t have this Spire open yet, you will need to travel on foot. Be careful, there will be a lot of enemies in both the shroud and on the terrain ahead so remember to pack potions, healing items, and food!

nomad highlands spire

Fanning Ranch

From the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire, head Southeast until you reach Fanning Ranch. Fanning Ranch will stand as your hint that you’re getting closer to your destination. You can also use Fanning Ranch as a marker to keep track of where you can Sand! Aside from this, you can also use this ruin to rest up or gather more materials on your way to the sand location or on your way back to your base. Either way, Fanning Ranch is your useful buddy to get some sand in Enshrouded.

fanningh ranch

It is also important to note that Fanning Ranch has a bit of enemies although they’re not much of a handful to deal with. These enemies are things like Bats and Scavengers. By chance, you will have to face a Scavenger warrior that uses an Acid-laced weapon. Its poison acts pretty quickly so attack as strong and as much as you can. For this enemy, it is suggested to avoid it completely or to dodge its attacks using a shield or running away. This warrior attacks way faster than its weaker mates so always be on your feet when facing this foe.

acid scavanger

Red Mountains

From Fanning Ranch, look Southeast again and there should be Reddish Orange Mountains. This is where we can get Sand. Aside from sand, you can also get other materials such as Sandstone or even Lapis Lazuli. Here, there are some enemies to fight but they will not be much of a problem. Just be sure to ready your weapons. While gathering Sand in Enshrouded, you may be caught with your guard down. Enemies such as Scangers or even the animals around you can grow to be hostile.

red mountains

Gathering Sand

As you head Southeast, you should be able to notice the change in terrain. From dry soil and limestone to bright and warm sand and harsh sandstone. Here, mine away and reap your sand! Sand in Enshrouded can be used for building, tools, and other sorts of useful material that will help you in Enshrouded.

sand in enshhrouded

Sand Walkthrough


Q: What is sand in enshrouded good for?

A: Sand is useful for many crafting recipes which include glass. Combine some sand with charcoal and boom!

Q: Is it good to stock up on sand in one go already?

A: For crafting purposes and if you live far from the Sand areas, it is best to stock up as much as you can while you’re in the area. Some important recipes do indeed require a handful of sand!

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