Where To Get Limestone In Enshrouded

Welcome to a quick and easy How-To on getting Limestone in Enshrouded. Here, we’ll discuss everything on Limestone from the tools you’ll need to locations where you can farm this material. Let’s begin.

limestone in enshrouded

Limestone In Enshrouded


Stone vs Limestone Comparison

In general, Limestone in Enshrouded does not look anything like Stone. Stone has a more rugged look with rough and sharp edges and smooth surfaces whereas limestone has smoother edges but a rougher surface.

As you can see, Limestone looks completely nothing like Stone. In addition, Limestone has a brownish type pigment covering the entire material while Stone is clean-looking. Imagine you found a rock with dirt and dust on it. That is limestone! If you washed that rock, that would be stone. This goes the same for their physical in-game appearance.

It’s a bit easier to tell apart from their alternative in-game appearance. Limestone has an obvious yellow-orange growth on it as it is located in a dryer area. Stone, however, is located in green forests with a more hydrated and thicker growth. Plus, Limestone is a lighter grey while Stone is darker. Both Limestone and Stone can be mined in the same way as one another. We will discuss that next!


Now that we’ve made ourselves familiar with how Limestone looks as well as compared it to its close twin, let’s head to mining.

Tools: Pickaxe

To mine Limestone, you will need a pickaxe. Any quality does wonders low or high but in some cases, Limestone comes in a literal stone appearance just on the ground. To obtain Limestone in this form, interact with the Stone by clicking “E“. To mine it using a pickaxe, you either mine the ground or mine a cliff face. This is shown in the images below.

collect limestone

Where Can You Find Limestone In Enshrouded

Now, let’s go over where you can find Limestone. Easy! To start, the easiest place to go is the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. As soon as you spawn at the Spire, just glide down and you’ll see Limestone as far as the eye can see!

spire loc

However, if you want Limestone early game, you will have to journey on foot. Let’s use the Low Meadows Ancient Spire as it is a Spire most players already have.

spire 2

From the Ancient Spire in Low Meadows, glide Northeast. and get passed the Shroud. Once you land, right off the bat, you will see a large mountain with orange grass on it. Head to its Direction!


From there, go crazy and mine away!

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