Where to Find Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded

Finding Ammonia Glands in Enshrouded is a simple feat once you know what you are looking for. This guide will show you exactly what to look out for and how to farm Ammonia Glands.

Ammonia Glands Location

Ammonia Glands are found in the Nomad Highlands. It is easiest to start at the Nomad Highlands Spire and move from there.

Nomad Highlands Spire

You are going to want to head South into Umber Hollow. Note this area is mostly covered in shroud so make sure your shroud time is long enough to be there for a while. Once you are in the shroud you will want to look for large mushroom-looking enemies with 3 red glands on its side. Below is what it looks like.

Ammonia Gland Monster

To maximize your farm you want to shoot the red pods off of its body before killing it. Note that the enemies here are level 20 and pack a punch!

Ammonia Glands on Floor

Once you kill the monster you will get roughly 5 Ammonia Glands. These monsters also drop Shroud Sacks making it a good farm. It is advised that you stick close to the top part of the shroud in Umber Hollow so that finding your way out is easier.

To maximize your stay in the shroud and farm for longer you can spec into the Beastmaster + Savivor skill tree. This will extend your shroud time by 7 minutes.

Ammonia Gland Video Walkthrough

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