Where To Find Fireflies In Enshrouded

Looking to collect some Fireflies in Enshrouded? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll talk about the best ways to collect some fireflies in both Night and Day.

fireflies in enshrouded

Fireflies In Enshrouded – How To Find Them At Night

Let’s start with the easiest way to find Fireflies in Enshrouded. At night! The easiest way to find them at night is by running around in an open field such as the one right outside of the Springlands Ancient Spire. However, you can very much find Fireflies in other open fields but the Springlands area is a good place to start!

At night, they completely stand out with their bright glow so spotting these little bugs won’t be so hard!

in fields
collect firefloes

Finding Fireflies In the Daytime

Finding Fireflies in the morning isn’t as easy as finding them at night since the morning light hides their glow. However, this isn’t impossible! For this one, the only way you can find them in the daytime is either by Sunrise or Early morning. To do this, it’s quite similar to the way you find them at night. Run around but this time, you will see no glow. You just have to wait and see if an interactable object comes up or the “E to pick up” shows up when there seems to be nothing there because of the sun covering the firefly’s glow. Quite hard but remember, not entirely impossible!

How To Find Fireflies Walkthrough


If you are really in need of fireflies, it is best to just wait until nighttime when you can clearly and easily spot them glowing in the night. Yes, spotting them in the daytime is possible but it is quite a difficult task. It requires more chances and patience than usual.

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