Where To Find Straw In Enshrouded

Finding Straw in Enshrouded can be difficult for some but quite easy once you know what to do. Here, we will tackle everything from the item’s appearance to finding and farming.

straw in enshrouded

Finding Straw In Enshrouded


To start, let’s first get to know Straw and Wheat. In its in-game appearance, wheat may look like all other grass in Enshrouded, but you can surely tell them apart through the built fences protecting these crops. One way to tell that grass is wheat is by looking at its colors and tips and the fact that Wheat is tall! Once you farm it, wheat drops both Straw and Wheat Grains. In your inventory, Straw is bound up in a bunch like the photo below! Straw as well as Wheat Grains can be used for farming in Enshrouded.

Where To Start

From Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire

To find Straw in Enshrouded, we must first begin at the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire. Every item in enshrouded, starting at a spire makes everything easier! From the spire, we will want to head South to a place called Bounty Barn.

spire to barn

Follow The Path

Glide down carefully and land on the stone path. From there, follow it and keep forward. Be mindful of enemies! In a vast open area, enemies are everywhere so as you follow the path south, be sure to keep your guard up.

Bounty Barn

As you go down the path, you’ll finally reach the Bounty Barn.

barn gate

From there, from the gate and to the left, you can then pick up the handful of Straw/Wheat on the ground! Feel free to go back home or travel on from there and use your newly found Straw.

wheat and straw
straw in inven

Finding Straw In Enshrouded Walkthrough

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