Where To Get Wood Planks In Enshrouded

Are you in need of Wood Planks in Enshrouded? Here we’ll talk about just where you can get Wood Planks as well as what you will need such as the Table Saw tool with the Carpenter.

wood planks in enshrouded

How Do You Get Wood Planks In Enshrouded?

Wood planks aren’t something you’ll find out in the wild. Wood Planks are processed Wood Logs that go through the Table Saw tool. In the simplest terms, you have to make them from scratch. Here, we’ll start with what you need to make Wood Planks in Enshrouded.

Table Saw

You will first need the most important tool to make some Wood Planks. A Table Saw! This tool’s recipe will be accessible once you finish the “Table Saw for the Carpenter” quest where you retrieve various parts of the Table Saw like its Saw Blade.

quest image

There are 4 parts to this quest to obtain the Table Saw recipe and craft it:

Wood Planks In Enshrouded

Now that we have our Table Saw, it’s time to make some Wood Planks. To do this, interact with the Table Saw; it should show you just how many Wood Logs you need.

  • 1x Wood Logs

Once you have your Wood Logs, proceed and go over to the Table Saw and feed the logs through so it can then process the items. It will take about 1 minute to process the wood fully. After waiting some time, you will have a yield of Wood Planks ready for use.

table saw

What Can Wood Planks In Enshrouded Be Used For?

Wood planks are useful for a lot of things. Some are very important for the flow of the game and its story as you go further into it. An example of this would be the Alchemist’s Station where you will need to use this station for various other quests and missions. Aside from this, Wood Planks are useful for building materials as well. This gives you the opportunity to make more building blocks to make a better and more secure base.

It is highly suggested to stock up on Wood Planks in an emergency. We personally stocked up on 60x Wood Planks just by cutting down 2 trees. 1x Wood Log can be processed to create 2x Wood Planks. See how much you can get just by cutting down a couple of trees? Be sure to stock up well! Fill your storage up and be on your way.

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