Where to Find Antiseptic in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Antiseptic

In the unforgiving realm of Enshrouded, peril looms at every turn, with threats ranging from the ominous crimson veil to formidable adversaries and imposing bosses, rendering survival an ongoing battle. Amidst such adversity, readiness is paramount, necessitating the possession of remedies capable of replenishing health reserves. Among these lifesaving elixirs, Antiseptic stands as a crucial component. Yet, procuring this invaluable substance proves to be a formidable challenge. Let us embark upon an exploration of the intricate process involved in securing this rare and precious resource.

Discover Where to Find Antiseptic

How to Make Antiseptic

Unfortunately, Antiseptic isn’t readily available from the outset of your journey in Enshrouded. It’s a late-game consumable that requires careful crafting. To initiate the process, your first step entails securing access to an Alchemy Station, a pivotal tool that can be obtained through an exhilarating quest aimed at liberating Balthazar the Alchemist from the perilous depths of the Ancient Vault. Upon successfully rescuing Balthazar and erecting the Alchemy Station within your stronghold, you are poised to commence the acquisition of essential resources indispensable for the synthesis of Antiseptic.

How to Make Antiseptic

Gathering Resources:


Aloe, A pivotal constituent of Antiseptic, can be acquired through the meticulous harvesting of Aloe bushes scattered across the frigid expanse of the northern territories in Kindlewastes. Flourishing resiliently amidst the unforgiving terrain of Enshrouded, these robust shrubs emerge as a dependable reservoir of this indispensable ingredient.


Wood Acid:

Wood Acid, another indispensable ingredient, essential for the synthesis of Antiseptic, is derived through the meticulous processing of a blend comprising 15 Wood Logs and 3 units of Dirt within the confines of the Charcoal Kiln. This intricate procedure catalyzes the metamorphosis of commonplace timber and earth into the potent substance known as Wood Acid, a vital component indispensable in the crafting of Antiseptic.

Wood Acid

Crafting Antiseptic:

Once you’ve obtained the required resources, carefully place them in the Alchemy Station. Allow the alchemical marvel of the station to commence its transformative process, exercising patience as the ingredients undergo their metamorphosis. Following a span of 2 minutes, the production procedure shall culminate, presenting you with the opportunity to retrieve the freshly concocted Antiseptic, primed and prepared for immediate utilization.

Crafting Antiseptic

Utilizing Antiseptic in Enshrouded

Now that you possess Antiseptic, you have a versatile tool at your disposal. This invaluable consumable serves as the foundation for crafting various medicines, akin to the multifaceted uses of Spice in culinary endeavors. Let’s explore the medicinal creations empowered by Antiseptic:

  • Cleaned Bandages: These specialized bandages, imbued with the healing properties of Antiseptic, have the remarkable capability of replenishing a significant 60% of your health in a mere 10 seconds, offering a swift and efficient method of recuperation amid the relentless perils that populate this inhospitable realm.
Cleaned Bandages
  • Greater Shroud Survival Flask: This potent elixir, extends your Shroud survival time by an impressive 4 minutes, enhancing your resilience against the perils of Enshrouded.
Greater Shroud Survival Flask

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Antiseptic be found in Enshrouded without crafting?
No, Antiseptic isn’t readily available/dropped in any areas in Enshrouded. Crafting it necessitates the use of specific resources at an Alchemy Station.

Is Antiseptic essential for survival in Enshrouded?
While not indispensable, Antiseptic greatly enhances your chances of survival by enabling the creation of potent healing items.

Are there alternative sources of Antiseptic?
No, crafting at the Alchemy Station is the sole method of obtaining Antiseptic.

Can Antiseptic be traded with other players?
Yes, players can engage in trading to acquire Antiseptic from fellow Flameborns.

Is Antiseptic a renewable resource in Enshrouded?
Yes, through meticulous resource management and exploration, players can consistently acquire the essential ingredients required for crafting Antiseptic.

Traversing the perilous expanse of Enshrouded requires cunning and fortitude. Antiseptic emerges as a crucial asset in your toolkit, empowering you to forge indispensable remedies essential for your endurance. As you delve into the craft of synthesizing Antiseptic and tapping into its healing virtues, you set forth on your expedition armed to confront the trials lurking within the veils of Enshrouded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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