Where to Find Hazelnut in Enshrouded

Looking to get your hands on some Hazelnuts in Enshrouded? Look no further as this guide shows you how to gather them in abundance! We will show you what to look out for as well as where you can find Hazelnuts and what they can be used for.

Starting Location

We are going to start at the Revelwood Ancient Spire for ease of travel. The spire provides a longer glide time making travel quicker.

Starting Location

We are going to head West towards Diadwyn and the Carpentry Camp. This area is a small village that used to do some farming previously but is now abandoned. The crops they grew, however, still remain. Take to the skies and glide over to Diadwyn.


You are wanting to land on the other side of the houses and ruins. Our farming location is there! Once you have landed look for two patches of trees with brown balls on them. Go closer and inspect them. These are in fact Hazelnut trees. And there are a lot of them around this area! Start harvesting them!

Hazelnut tree

Be careful around this area as there are quite a few boars roaming around in groups of 2-3. Enemies in this area are level 13 and can be a challenge to take down if you are not prepared.

Hazelnut Uses

Currently, hazelnuts have no use except to eat as they are or to make seedlings so that you can plant your own hazelnut trees at your base. This will make it much easier to gather hazelnuts with no danger to yourself. Future updates could introduce more uses for hazelnuts, so watch for that!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where can I find Hazelnuts?

A: It can be found west of the Revelwood Ancient Spire. They grow all across Revelwood, however, a lot of the areas have enemies roaming around.

Q: Is the area dangerous where I need to farm?

A: Yes, it is dangerous. You can avoid the enemies if you are cautious, however, there are some enemies that you will need to fight. So come prepared!

Q: Do I need any special equipment to harvest Hazelnuts?

A: No special equipment is needed. You can just run up to the tree and harvest it.

Q: What am I able to craft?

A: Currently, Hazelnuts are only used to make seedlings. More may be added in future updates, so watch for that!

In the wonderful world of Enshrouded, the ability to find a good farming spot for resources is of high priority. Without the required resources you won’t be able to build the beautiful house you wanted or make the delicious food dishes. Armed with the information provided in this guide you can confidently go out into the world and gather the resources you need!

Video Walkthrough

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