Where to Find Black Powder in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Black Powder

In the realm of Enshrouded, Black Powder carries significant weight. It plays a pivotal role in numerous crafting formulas, empowering players to forge potent explosives and explosive arrows. However, securing Black Powder demands careful strategy and diligent resource gathering. This guide elucidates the intricate process of fabricating/crafting Black Powder and identifies prime locations for harvesting its vital components/materials.

How to Make Black Powder in Enshrouded

To produce/craft Black Powder, you will require a Laboratory situated within your Enshrouded Base. Upon the establishment of the Laboratory, proceed accordingly with the following steps:

Ingredients Required:

Coal Powder

  • Unlock the Laboratory to access the Coal Powder recipe. Flameborns can obtain Coal Powder by processing Charcoal in the Grinding Stone after unlocking its recipe. Five Charcoal will result in Five units of Coal Powder.


  • Sulfur is a yellowish stone (Shown in the Picture Below) that can be seen only in late game areas.
  • Search for Sulfur in the area between the Kindlewastes and the Nomad Highlands, specifically around the SOUTHEAST side of the Ancient Spire – Nomad Highlands just before you enter the Kindlewastes Area (This is to avoid encountering High-Level Enemies). Sulfur is often found in Cave Passages alongside Lapis Lazulis.


  • The Recipe for Nitrate will be unlocked after unlocking the Laboratory just like the Black Powder Recipe (Along with the Enshrouded Oil, Spice, and Paper Recipe). Nitrate is crafted within the Laboratory using the following materials/components: Alchemical Base, Salt, Sand, and Wood Acid.

Crafting Process:

Once you have collected Coal Powder, Sulfur, and Nitrate, head to your Laboratory. Use these ingredients in the appropriate recipe to craft Black Powder.

Where Is Black Powder Used For?

Black Powder is a crafting material/component that can be used to craft Explosives like the Black Powder Ball from the Alchemist, and Explosive Arrows from the Hunter. Although both are extremely good for endgame content, it is recommended to craft Explosive Arrows (especially when you are building an Archer Build) as it is more effective during combat, as Explosive Arrows deals more damage than Black Powder Ball. Black Powder Ball also needs/consumes a significant amount of Black Powder to craft in contrast to the more resource-efficient Explosive Arrows; rendering them as a superior choice.

Explosive Arrows is also a must craft than Black Powder Ball for accurate and precise usage of explosive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Black Powder used for in Enshrouded?
Black Powder is essential/indispensable for crafting explosives with and explosive arrows.

Can I find Black Powder directly in the game?
No, Black Powder cannot be found as a natural resource in the world Enshrouded. It must be crafted/produced using specific materials in the Laboratory.

How do I unlock the Laboratory in Enshrouded?
To unlock/craft the Laboratory, you need to progress through the Hunter’s Questline until you arrive at the juncture where this facility becomes constructible within your stronghold.

Can Black Powder be stored or traded in Enshrouded?
Yes, Black Powder can be stored in your inventory/backpack or exchanged/traded with fellow Flameborns within the Game.

What happens if I run out of Black Powder in Enshrouded?
If you run out of Black Powder, revisit the locations to gather more ingredients and craft additional batches in your Laboratory.

In the realm of Enshrouded, the discovery and creation of Black Powder proves to be a gratifying endeavor that enriches your capabilities and armory within the game. By adhering to these outlined procedures and delving into the suggested sites, you will refine your expertise in procuring this indispensable asset for your escapades.

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