Where To Find Paper In Enshrouded

Finding paper in Enshrouded is its process. Here, we’ll show you exactly what you need and how you can get it! From tools to ingredients, we’ll go over everything you need to know about paper.

paper in enshroudedo

What Do You Need To Make Paper In Enshrouded

Like many items in Enshrouded, players would need to process ingredients in order to craft. For paper, you would need some ingredients and one tool/workstation.



  • Laboratory

How To Get Wood Logs

To get Wood Logs, you simply just have to go out and chop down trees! Using any type of axe works well but the better quality your axe is, the better. If you have a lower-quality axe, that works just as fine.

wood logs in enshrouded

How To Get Ammonia Gland

This ingredient for paper isn’t the easiest to get. To pick up Ammonia Glands, you must journey into the shroud and find Red Mushroom Enemies. Locations such as Kindlewastes, Highlands, and Umber Hollow. We suggest traveling to Umber Hollow for more efficient farming. There, enter the shroud and track down the Red Mushroom Enemies. Umber Hollow is located Northeast of the Ancient Spire in Low Meadows and Southwest of the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire.


Red Mushroom Mobs

For better understanding, Red Mushroom enemies/mobs are giant quadrupedal Red Mushrooms that roam the shrouds of Enshrouded. To defeat this, you simply have to kill it and it will drop Ammonia Glands. It is best to keep your distance although, using melee weapons is also a good match for this beast. Just be sure to dodge and hit back!

red mushroom enemies

Crafting Paper

Once you’ve got all of your ingredients, it’s time to make the paper. Gather your supplies, head to your Laboratory tool, pick the paper recipe, and select the paper’s recipe. Then, put in your ingredients, wait 5 minutes, and boom! Paper!

lab paper

How To Obtain The Laboratory

To get the laboratory tool for paper in Enshrouded, you first have to finish the Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory quest from the Alchemist. After getting through the 3 stages of the quest, you are then given the Laboratory.


Q: Like some items in Enshrouded, can I find paper in houses or by destroying stuff?

A: Yes, you can indeed find Paper in Enshrouded by exploring and rummaging through houses and boxes. The best place to start looking for this is Nomad Highlands and Revelwastes through breaking pots and wooden crates.

Q: Is paper in Enshrouded important?

A: Yes. Paper in Enshrouded is an essential ingredient to most NPC villager quests where you will create or find their various tools to progress through the game.

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