Where To Get Feathers In Enshrouded

Learn how and where to find Feathers in Enshrouded. One of the more tedious to harvest items in the game!

feathers in enshrouded

Feathers In Enshrouded – Where Do You Get Them From?

In Enshrouded, you can get feathers from 2 different regions. Both are right next to each other so it wouldn’t be much of an issue to travel from one area to the other. The two locations you can get feathers in Enshrouded from are Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes. The desert and dry areas of Enshrouded. There, you will have to then find creatures that inhabit the areas, slay them, and loot what drops. They have some meat, other trinkets, and of course, feathers. These creatures are called the Lesser Red Birds and the Giant Red Birds.

handful of feathers

How To Get Feathers In Nomad Highlands

To get Feathers in Enshrouded by Nomad Highlands, we will start at the Ancient Spire as a good landmark. From there, you will need to head Southeast until you reach an abandoned settlement called Fanning Ranch.

nomad highlands
Proceed to head to the marked location in the image above from the Ancient Spire.
fanning ranch

From there, there should be a path in front of the Ranch. Follow the path and click “C” to crouch. Why? There are a handful of Lesser Red Birds roaming around the path. These creatures are very shy and if you’re not crouched, they will scatter very quickly which will make them harder to catch and hunt.

Hunting Lesser Red Bird
Dead Lesser Red Bird

Once you’ve taken one of these birds down, loot the little birds and claim your feathers in Enshrouded.

claim feathers
Feather amounts may vary but feathers are guaranteed from this creature in the game.

Aside from this location, you can also find Lesser Red Birds pretty much everywhere in Nomad Highlands but this is just an example of where to look. Now that we’ve discussed how to get feathers in Nomad Highlands, let’s visit a different area.

How To Get Feathers In Kindlewastes

The Kindlewastes region of the game, this area is a little bit more violent and difficult for players so be very careful. Let’s start with using the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire as a solid starting point.

kindlewastes area
Refer to the creature marker on the map as the best area to look for a Giant Red Bird. You may also find Giant Red Birds a bit Southeast and Northeast of the Ancient Spire.

For Kindlewastes, we will be searching for Giant Red Birds that rule the skies of this region. Starting at the Ancient Spire, as soon as you glide down to the foot of the Spire, you may be greeted by a Red Bird. This is sometimes not the case so you may have to go farther out into the region but Red Birds typically spawn everywhere in Kindlewastes.

fighting large red bird

These creatures pack quite a punch so it is highly recommended to prepare high-grade armor and use a wand or a bow and arrow. To kill this creature, you must first wait for it to attack. Block the attacks with your shield and when the bird backs away, hit it as much as you can with your ranged/wand weapon. Keep repeating this process until the bird falls and drops its loot. Once it falls, approach the birds and claim your feathers in Enshrouded.

It is also important to note that while you fight to get Feathers in Enshrouded, other birds in the area may approach you and hit you from behind as you focus on another foe. Watch your surroundings and take on the beast head-on. Red Birds attack unprovoked and sometimes spawn in pairs in a large group of 4 birds in one area. To tackle this, it is best to wait until one is farther than the others. Do not engage if you’re underprepared.

large red bird

For feathers in Enshrouded, it isn’t difficult to spot Giant Red Birds. All you need to think about is its name! A Giant Red Bird flying around the area. Once you get close, the bird will approach you and attack so ready your shields and weapons. Once you’ve killed the Red Bird, claim your prize! In some cases, Red Birds will also drop eggs which are consumables for health!

Feathers Walkthrough


Q: What can I use Feathers in Enshrouded for?

A: Feathers can be used to craft many useful items such as Arrows and Spells like Acid Bite.

Q: Is there a way to take down the given creatures faster?

A: Yes, all you need are good weapons and good defense. From there, you should be able to farm some feathers smoothly.

Q: For feathers in Enshrouded, do I need the Ancient Spires?

A: Yes and no. Yes, because Spires make travel way easier especially if your main base is located far from Nomad Highlands or the Kindlewastes area. No, you don’t NEED it but it just makes your job way faster and convenient. If you’re a player that likes to do the scenic route, it is an option to not open the Spire and use its fast travel perk and travel on foot but if you’re a player that isn’t looking for hours of travel, travel on foot first and then open the spires.

We hope we helped guide you to the right path to collect some feathers in Enshrouded. Farm carefully!

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