3D Printer Location in Sons of the Forest

After getting your bearings in Sons of the Forest its time to start exploring, This guide will lead you straight to the 3D printer location in Sons of the forest. Spoilers ahead:

3D Printer Crafts

When you first stumble upon the 3d printer down in the lab your presented with a laptop interface and an option to scroll through several items to print:
1 3D printed Arrows for 50ml printer resin. Takes 15 seconds to print.
2 3D printed Flask for 100ml printer resin. Takes 15 seconds to print.
3 3D printed Mask for 150ml printer resin. Takes 15 seconds to print.
4 3D printed Grappling hook for 100ml printer resin. Takes 15 seconds to print.
5 3D printed Piece of tech mesh for 250ml printer resin. Takes 10 seconds to print
6 3D printed Sled for 1000ml printer resin. Takes 20 seconds to print.

3D Printer Resin

Upon first entering the room you will need to fill up the empty 3D printer before being able to use it. This requires printer resin, There is some in the room but if that isn’t enough for your desired prints you can find resin all throughout Sons of the forests cave systems and POI’s within loot crates and laying around dead bodies.

printer resin lootable

3D Printer Location

The 3D printer can be found in an underground lab located a stones throw away from the helicopter crash sight, it has no hostile mobs inside of it so its a safe place to start your exploration. marked by a overgrown golf cart its easy to spot the cave entrance.

3D printer location

If your interested in more 3D Printer locations or other item locations like the 3D printer location or want to take a look at how big the Sons of the Forest map truly is make sure to check out our Sons of the Forest Map!


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