Advanced Cooking Guide in Sons of the Forest

Patch 05 has brought us some nice updates including the much loved Log Sled, a Space Suit, Advanced Cooking and much more! In this Guide we are going to walk you through the new Advanced Cooking in Sons of the Forest.

Advanced Cooking

Find Your Cooking Pot

The advanced cooking is a really fun new featured Endnight has brought to Sons of the Forest. So to get started you’re going to need to find your Cooking pot. You will be able to find these at most camps, but if you’re struggling take a look at our Interactive Map to help you.

Cooking pot sons of the forest

Fill Your Pot with Water

Once you’ve acquired a Cooking Pot you’re going to need three things; Water, Fire and something to cook! With that being said, find yourself a nice play to setup camp and fill your new Pot with water.

Cooking Pot With Dirty Water

Build a Fire

If you’re used to camping, this part should be easy! Get yourself a fire lit and place your Cooking pot which is now full of water over the fire, this is where the fun begins.

Cooking Pot

Cooking Recipes

Up until Patch 05 we were limited with what we could eat in Sons of the Forest, but now we have many more options, including Greg! WHO IS GREG?


These are all the Cooking Recipes in Sons of the Forest:

Recipe NameIngredientsBuff
Boiled Meat
x2 Meat
Chicken Noodle Soup
x1 Ramen Noodles
x1 Arm
Cream of Mushroom
x3 Hydnum Repandum
x3 Fly Aminata
x3 King Oyster
x3 Shiitake
Egg Nog
x5 Turtle Eggs
x1 Vodka Bottle
x2 Arms
x1 Head
x2 Legs
Kelvin Special
x3 Fish
x1 Oyster
Kitchen Sink
x2 Fish
x2 King Oyster Mushroom
x2 Meat
x2 Turtle Eggs
x1 Ramen Noodles
x2 Oyster
Liquid Battery
x10 Blueberries
x10 Guarana Berries
Lumberjack Juice
x1 Meds
x5 Chicory
x5 Meat
x3 Fish
Protein Shake
x1 Aloe Vera
x3 Guarana Berries
x1 Meat
x1 Meds
x1 Turtle Egg
x1 Fly Amanita

While trying our first bit of Advanced Cooking, we decided to try Greg… So, here is a Greg Soup. Gross.

Greg Soup

Advanced Cooking Guide Conclusion

Sons of the forest is purchasable on steam PC – Make sure to keep coming back here to see constant updates and use our Interactive Map. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!

Greg Soup With Effigy




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