How to access the Admin Panel in Sons of the Forest

Thanks to Patch 02, everyone has been asking how to access the admin panel in Sons of the Forest. We have put together a guide and some commands on how to do this.

How to access the Admin Panel in Sons of the Forest

In order to be able to access the admin panel, you will need to be a host of a multiplayer game. Its as simple as clicking multiplayer from the main menu and either continuing one you have already or creating a new one. 

How to access the Admin Panel in Sons of the Forest

Once the Host has set the game and you are in the world, they can press the Enter key and a chat box will appear on the right side. Type the word “cheatstick” without the quotations and press the Enter key again.

How to access the Admin Panel in Sons of the Forest

You will see nothing change except when you press the F1 key. Now you’ll notice a massive drop down of the admin panel commands that you can use.

How to access the Admin Panel in Sons of the Forest

In order to use these commands in the admin panel, you will notice a box at the top of the screen and you can type what you wish and press the Enter key for it to activate. Most commands require that you turn them on and off, so you will have to do “cavelight on” to enable and “cavelight off” to disable the command. 

You can also type “items” and you’ll notice commands that are relevant to that will pop up.

Seen in the images below, I have done addallitems. Which has given me ALL the items in the game.

It may look overwhelming at first to see the admin panel commands, but it gives you time to explore and play around with them. We have put some of the good commands below that will help you.

addallitems” – Gives all items to your character

“godmode on” / “godmode off” – Turns God mode on / off

“invisible on” / “invisible off” – Turns your player invisible to enemies

addcharacter robby” – Adds another Kelvin to the game

addcharacter virginia” – Adds another Virginia to the game

speedyrun on” / “speedyrun off” – Makes you run faster / Disables fast run

superjump on” / “superjump off“– Allows you to do a super jump /Disables super jump

additem X” – Add a specific item to the game. Change “X” to the item you want to spawn.

aigodmode on” / aigodmode off” – Enables / Disables God mode for Companions

aighostplayer on” / “aighostplayer off” – Enables / Disables Companions to become invisible to enemies

aipause on” / “aipause off” – Pauses all AI / Resumes all AI

buffstats” – Noticeably increases your survival stats

“instantbookbuild on” – Creates anything placed from the book

cavelight on” / “cavelight off“– Enables / Disables a bright light source, that will light up all the cave

showhud on” / “showhud off” – Shows / Removes HUD

freecamera on” / “freecamera off” – Enable / DIsable Freeroam with the free camera feature (goes well with ShowUI for photos)

“forcerainheavy” – Makes it rain in the game

“forcerainsunny” – Changes weather to sunny

“killradius x” – Replace “X” with the number you want and kill whatever you want

“locktimeofday morning” – The game will remain in the morning

“locktimeofday night” – The game will remain in the night

“regenhealth” – Heals you completely

“removeallitems” – Removes most added items

“save” – Saves your game

“clearbushradius 1000” – Clears all bushes in the area

“treescutall” = cuts all trees in your radius (please beware, this can crash/freeze the game)

“seasonautumn” – Changes season to Autumn

“seasonspring” – Changes season to Spring

“seasonsummer” – Changes season to Summer

“seasonwinter” – Changes season to Winter

“settimeofday [1-24]” – Changes the time of the day

“setimeofday morning” – Makes the game change to morning

“setimeofday night” – Makes the game change to night

spawnworldobject X” – Spawns the item you specify

We hope you enjoyed the How to access the Admin Panel in Sons of the Forest guide and we can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord. Check out our Sons of the Forest Map HERE!




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