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Lasersight Location in Sons of the Forest

If you managed to get your hands on the pistol from the life raft and the pistol rail from the lifeboats on the shore you might be wondering where to get attachments to fit on to your new shiny gun. In this post we walk you through the Lasersight location in Sons of the Forest.
Spoiler Alert: Prerequisites: Shovel

maintenance keycard location


The lasersight can fit on several weapons as an attachment giving the user a red laser helping with aiming during hip fire, you can equip this attachment after combining your gun with a rail in your craft table and then combining your gun+rail combo with the attachment in the crafting menu. We don’t advice you use this attachment on the 9mm pistol as it will make it incredibly hard to aim.

Lasersight location

Lasersight location

The Lasersight location can be found in the maintenance bunker A after digging up the opening hatch using your shovel and opening it you can jump down into the bunker and explore it,  for the Lasersight location you will want to head down the corridor and take the first right the large open room. The lasersight can be found on the left most desk in the room next to the computer setup.


Within the maintenance bunker A location you can also find the following items:
Maintenance KeyCard
Firefighter Axe
a 3D printer
a bed to save your game on

maintenance keycard location

If you enjoyed this guide on the Lasersight location and want to know more about the awesome locations of Sons of the Forest make sure to check out our Sons of the Forest Map!


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