Sons Of The Forest Raincatcher

If you are anything like the thousands of players that recently crashed straight in to Sons of the Forest you might be wondering how to keep your thirst levels managed conveniently, The Sons Of The Forest Raincatcher is one of the easiest ways to always make sure you have water on hand at your base or farming locations.

Sons Of The Forest Raincatcher

Sons Of The Forest Raincatcher

Consisting of resources easily foraged on the beach the Raincatcher is a cheap option to collect water in any location where there might not be access to an ocean or lake.

Sons Of The Forest Raincatcher

Crafting Cost

  • Per Raincatcher you will need to find:
  • 16 Sticks
  • 1 Turtleshell


Each Raincatcher holds up to 4 uses, giving a player their full thirst bar back 4 times.


If you are having issues locating turtles for their shells make sure to check out our MAP for their accurate spawn locations and habitat.


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