Story in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest story you find yourself crash landing on a remote island (Site 2), this time in a helicopter crash rather than a plane crash. The end result is largely the same, You wake up to see a giant hand taking another crash survivor into the darkness never to be seen again.

story in sons of the forest

While gathering your senses you run into Kelvin, a soldier also here to find the missing billionaire.

Kelvin can be seen pointing towards something in the distance.


Its instantly obvious Kelvin is hurt, you find him wandering around aimlessly almost shell shocked and after a close examination it becomes clear Kelvin is hurt causing him to be both deaf and mute after some severe head trauma, You can find more on how to interact with Kelvin in our guide on how to do so.

The player can choose to go through the story line or treat the game like a sandbox with up to 7 friends or go through it solo with the game’s AI companions 

The opening scene of Sons of the Forest, A helicopter.

It’s clear Sons of the Forest takes place in the same universe as the first game with references to places and companies like Sahara but it’s unclear if the game follows a canonical order and if we will get to see a return of prominent characters from the first game like Timmy.

a "Fight Demons" tattoo

The “Fight Demons” tattoo on the players arm could be a reference to what Timmy had to go through in the first game.

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