Where to find the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you can find a Revolver! Which looks incredible, But before you go to the location and pick it up, Unfortunately you must acquire the Shovel first. But once that is obtained, you can follow our guide below to pick up the trusty revolver.

Once you have got your shovel, head towards the golf course, you can use our interactive map or look at the image below. It is at the top right part of the map.

  • Where to find the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

Where to find the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

Head to the location and you appear at a digsite, which has a few golf caddies around and a digzone. Dig the ground and you will see Maintenance C hatch.

Revolver Location 1

Finally, open the hatch and follow it inside, take a right and you will come across a dead guy in a work uniform, with the Revolver next to him.

Revolver Location 2

Pick it up and you are now ready to blast some enemies with this super powerful gun.

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Revolver Gun




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