Where to find the Revolver in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, as you progress through the game, you’ll encounter much tougher opponents, necessitating a more powerful firearm than the standard pistol. Therefore, the Revolver has been added to the game to enhance your firepower against enemies. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover its exact location.

What is a Revolver?

Although a stronger variant of the Pistol, the gun has limitations such as holding only six rounds before requiring reloading and lacking compatibility with attachments. Utilizing the same 9mm Ammo as the Pistol, it inflicts approximately 50% more damage per shot. Typically, it can eliminate unarmored basic cannibals with just one shot to the torso.


Revolver’s Location

You must search the northeastern area of the map to locate the rifle. See the image below for further instructions on where to find it.

Revolver's Location

Navigating The Revolver’s Location

You must first grab the powerful shovel to excavate the entrance to the bunker where the gun is kept before you can continue with getting it.

Shovel Requirement

Once you’re in the area where the gun is marked, you will need to find a patch with tripods and golf carts around it. Utilize the shovel you’ve acquired to dig into this dirt and uncover the entrance to the bunker.

Maintenance Bunker C

Once you’ve dug out the dirt and found the entrance to Maintenance Bunker C, head down the ladder. Once you’re in the bunker, follow the hall, where you will find a plethora of resources you can loot for the later stages of the game.

Digging The Entrance

Acquiring The Revolver

At the near end of the hall, there is an open door on your right. Head inside, and you will see a dead body sitting at the center of the room. Alongside this body is a note and the powerful Revolver.

Acquiring The Revolver

Where to find the Revolver in Sons of the Forest Guide

See our detailed video guide for assistance on the exact details of Revolver’s location and other important items, such as its specific position and detailed directions!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the game need the Revolver to be completed?

Although it is not always necessary to advance the game’s plot, the revolver may deliver a lot of damage against mutants and other opponents.

Is it possible to optimize the Revolver’s efficacy in any way?

To save ammo and dispatch opponents more quickly, go for headshots or the torso, aiming for vital areas to maximize efficiency in combat.

Are there any attachments available for the gun?

No, attachments are not supported in this gun. It emphasizes simplicity in both form and functionality by remaining a simple pistol without features that may be customized.

Is the Revolver effective against all types of enemies?

While it can dispatch most common threats effectively, some larger or more armored enemies may require multiple shots or alternative strategies.

Can I use the Revolver to hunt animals for resources?

Although it is theoretically feasible, this is hardly the most effective way to hunt. Use other tools or weapons that are more appropriate for hunting.

Does the Revolver have any unnoticed enhancements or changes?

No, there are no unnoticed changes to the gun. It stays a simple gun for the duration of the game.


Although acquiring the revolver does not help you progress in the game, it’s still a viable weapon to have, especially in tough situations. Make sure to visit our Interactive Map for more items like this. Share with us your thoughts on this in our official community discord! You can also check out our Sons of the Forest homepage for more information and new guides.


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