Where to Find Alchemical Base in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Alchemical Base

In the world of Enshrouded, the crafting of Alchemical Foundations entails a big process, demanding substantial collection/farming of resources. Mastery of this discipline is crucial for accessing potent incantations and indispensable artifacts vital to Flameborns. In this detailed guide, we delve into the intricate procedures surrounding the acquisition and application of Alchemical Bases!

Where to Obtain Alchemical Bases in Enshrouded

Crafting Alchemical Bases stands as a pivotal endeavor, accomplished through the art of synthesis at the Alchemy Station within your home base. The recipe for Alchemical Bases becomes accessible upon amassing the requisite materials and setting up the Alchemy Station. To craft/produce Alchemical Bases, you need the following materials:

These resources, although fundamental, are relatively easy to acquire, considering they are low-level materials.

How to Acquire needed Materials

Shroud Liquid

Shroud Liquid is obtained from mushrooms found in Enshrouded Areas (Shown in the image below).


Mycelium is mined (Any Pickaxe will do) from greying stones with fungi (Depicted from the image below).


Can be obtained from Wells. If you can’t craft a well from the carpenter yet, one well can be found in the Longkeep, which is near the starting area where hostile creatures isn’t much of a problem.

Shroud Spores

Acquired from defeated fell enemies, any enemy can drop it (as depicted in the image below), though not all do, so players/flameborns may need to defeat several to obtain one.

How to Unlock the Alchemy Station

To commence the endeavor of crafting Alchemical Base, the initial step entails the crafting of the Alchemy Station. This pivotal milestone is accomplished upon the fulfillment of the quest titled “A Black Cauldron For The Alchemist.” During the quest, track the designated marker on your map to locate the Black Cauldron (Can be obtained from Fell Monstrosity, located in Cradle of Dusk; Southwest of Ancient Spire – Nomad Highlands).

Once acquired, visit the Alchemist and seek the Alchemy Station recipe under the Production Place section. Craft the Alchemy Station to commence the production of Alchemical Bases.

Materials required to craft Alchemy Station:

Crafting High-Level Items with Alchemical Bases

The adaptability of Alchemical Bases manifests in their utilization for crafting top-tier items, including the Shroud Meteor spell and the Extraordinary Glider.

  • Shroud Meteor: One of the most potent incantation/spell, Shroud Meteor stands out as a remarkable creation. Forged using Alchemical Bases, it delivers formidable magical prowess in combat.
  • Extraordinary Glider: This outstanding soarcraft ranks as the second-highest caliber in the realm, offering unprecedented aerial maneuverability. Prioritizing its creation should be priority for Flameborns.

Importance of Alchemical Bases for Flameborns

For sorcerers and marksmen, accumulating Alchemical Bases is crucial for crafting an array of powerful implements, such as Shroud Meteors, Explosive Arrows, and enhancements for sustenance (Food Buff). These materials support aggressive tactics and enhance overall combat prowess.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I obtain Alchemical Bases?
Alchemical Bases are crafted at the Alchemy Station using Shroud Liquid, Mycelium, Water, and Shroud Spores.

What is the significance of the Black Cauldron quest?
Accomplishing the quest titled “A Black Cauldron For The Alchemist,” becomes imperative to precisely identify its whereabouts and gain access to the Alchemy Station, a crucial establishment facilitating the production of Alchemical Bases.

What are the primary uses of Alchemical Bases?
Alchemical Bases play a critical role in crafting/creating advanced spells like the Shroud Meteor and utility items such as the Extraordinary Glider.

Can Alchemical Bases be traded or sold?
No, Alchemical Bases are non-tradeable and cannot be sold; they are exclusively used for crafting within the game.

Are Alchemical Bases difficult to farm?
No, Alchemical Bases require basic resources that are readily obtainable, making them accessible for all players.

How many Alchemical Bases are needed for crafting high-level spells?
The quantity of Alchemical Bases required depends on the crafting recipe; powerful spells like the Shroud Meteor demand a significant amount.

Becoming proficient in the art of Alchemical Bases within Enshrouded unlocks access to potent spells and items that enrich gameplay. Through comprehension of the crafting methods and strategic application, Flameborns can harness the full potential of these materials to achieve impressive in-game feats.

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