Where to Find Saffron in Enshrouded

Needing some Saffron? Not sure where to start looking for it? Fear not as this guide will show you the best farming spot for it.

Starting Location

We are going to start at the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire for an easier traveling experience. The spire provides longer glide time making traveling easier.

Start Location

We will be traveling West towards Umber Hollows. Saffron can be found anywhere in the Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes outside of the shroud. The place we are going to though has a few plants in close vicinity to pick.

Farming Location

Saffron Appearance

The plant you need to harvest is a pretty little plant with pink and purple leaves. The image below shows what you are looking for.


You will notice that there are quite a few plants in close vicinity for you to pick making this a great spot to come when you are in need of Saffron.

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