Action Camera Location In Sons Of The Forest

You have been sent to find a missing billionaire on a secluded island, but you have ended up in a cannibal-infested hellscape. In this scary new open-world survival horror simulator, you can craft, develop, and struggle to survive alone or with pals.

The Action Camera was added to Sons of the Forest in the Patch 04 update. Over time, more and more of these cameras have been added to the game which contain unique footage. We have listed below all the locations and also a video of the direct footage for you to watch.

action camera location

Action Camera Locations

The Action Camera in Sons of the Forest allows you to watch footage that you have found while exploring the Island. So far, there are 4 of it since the last patch. 

Location 1 – Cultists 01

Hi Survivors, to get the Action Camera, you will need to head to the bunker on the East side of the map next to the largest lake on the Island. It is located at the end of the Residential Bunker. You are going to need the Guest Keycard to gain access to this Bunker.

You want to continue through this bunker until you come across the surgery room with 3 operating tables. In the corner of this room, you will find it with a speaker.

Location 2 – Cultists Arrival

This Action Camera footage is located inside the sailing boat that the developers added in Patch 05. You will need to head to the top of the map and when you walk along the beach, you will see 2 boats that have been washed up on the land. Head inside and you will see it on the table. Let us go to the next location, shall we?

Location 3 – Sahara Confidential

This action camera is located in the Entertainment Bunker which is located on the west side of the map. You may remember this location as it is located not too far from the crash site. 

Head on inside the bunker and follow it through until you get to a door. This requires the Maintenance Keycard to open the door. Follow it past the gym equipment and you will see a guy in front of the reception desk, that is where you will find it.

Location 4 – Estate Agent

In order to get this thing, which was added in Patch 08, you will need to progress heavily through the game until you manage to open up the doors to the Luxury bunker. You can follow our guide below to do this. Click the link below, Survivors, to learn more!

How to gain access to the Luxury bunker

Once you have gained access, follow it through until you get to a big open area, which contains a huge TV, a bar and a nice lounge area. You will notice when you go through the doorway, a body is on the floor. Look down and you will see the action camera.

All Found Footage Clips

Survivors, below are all the footage clips in full screen if you are unable to locate these cameras or wish to see the footage only. Scroll down to see them all!

Cultists 01

Cultists Arrival

Sahara Confidential

Estate Agent

You can always use our Interactive Map to search for action cameras, if you prefer this. This camera locations are so helpful and we can not wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord. Good luck out there in the woods!




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