Action Camera Location in Sons of the Forest

The Action Camera was recently added to Sons of the Forest in the latest Patch 04 update. Endnight Games has released the fourth major update and alongside the action camera we have got AI improvements, bug fixes and some audio enhancements.

action camera location

Action Camera Location

The Action Camera in Sons of the Forest allows you to watch footage that you have found while exploring the Island. Below is some of the first footage we have found. Continue with Caution as this post contains spoilers.

EDIT: Since the Patch 05 update you can now get another Action Camera on the Sail Boats found in the Cove which you can find on our Interactive Map.

To get the Action Camera you will need to head to the bunker on the East side of the map next to the largest lake on the Island. It is the Bunker you would have previously found the Golden Armor and Katana in. You are going to need the Guest Keycard to gain access to this Bunker.

action camera location

You want to continue through this bunker until you come across the Surgery room with 3 operating tables, in the corner of this room you will find a speaker and the action camera.

action camera location

All Found Footage Clips

Cultists 01

Cultists Arrival

Sahara Confidential

Use our Interactive Sons of the Forest Map to help you get to the Action Camera Location.


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