How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia is a human mutant that you will come across on the Island. Just like Kelvin, after a bit of kindness she can become your companion. In this Guide we are going to show you how to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

Virginia will occasionally approach you while you’re building your shelter or exploring the Island. She does get scared easily and she can be hurt by the other mutants on the Island. Let get into how to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia will appear fairly early in your playthrough. She always enjoys spending time in warm areas, so if you’re looking to meet her early, try to avoid the snowy terrain and settle down by a cabin and campfire. She’ll slowly approach you and test the waters to see if you’re a friend or foe.

When Virginia begins to approach you, be sure to do the following:

  • Put away your weapons by pressing the “G” key
  • Don’t approach her
  • Don’t attack or kill her, as she can’t be revived (yes, her death is permanent)

Virginia will come and go, so allow Virginia to become accustomed to you by letting her do her own thing. Its slightly strange, but one of the best ways to befriend her is to actually ignore her for a while as she figures you out. When she brings you a gift, you know she is ready to start to become friends. This is How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

The Benefits of having Virginia as your Companion

Once you manage to befriend Virginia she can become extremely helpful throughout your Sons of the Forest adventure. She can provide you with important materials and also lead you to important destinations. Some additional benefits of having Virginia as your Companion are:

  • She can guide you to caves and encampments
  • She can hold the pistol and shotgun at the same time and help defend you and your base
  • She can provide you with berries, aloe Vera, flowers and more!
How to befriend Virginia

It is wise to give Virginia one of the GPS trackers you collect while exploring the Island, this will allow you to see her location at all times. It is important to remember that Virginia will not take commands from you unlike Kelvin. She will come and go as she pleases, but the nicer you are to her the better companion she will be.

Virginia Leather Suit

We hope you found this guide on “How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest” useful. Make sure to take a look at our Interactive Map which is full of useful tools such as the Shotgun, the Katana and locations. We’re excited to see what Endnight does to develop Sons of the Forest over the next 12 months.

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