How to Craft a Bow and Arrow in Sons of the Forest

In this Guide we will show you how to craft a bow and arrow in sons of the forest. Although there are now guns in Sons of the Forest which are more accessible then the Flintlock Pistol that was available in The Forest. The Bow and Arrow is still one of the more powerful weapons.

How to Craft a Bow and Arrow in Sons of the Forest

How to Craft a Bow and Arrow in Sons of the Forest

In order to Craft a Bow in Sons of the Forest you first need to unlock its recipe. This is done by find the materials and items you need to craft the weapon. The recipe for a bow is:

Duct Tape

These resources are easy to find and should be close to the starting area. Sticks can be found on the ground or by chopping small trees. Rope and Duct Tape are located right where you spawn in. You’re likely to find them in boxes and crates.. Once you have the resources go into your inventory and craft the bow. We hope this helps on you How to get rope in sons of the forest.

How to Craft Arrows in Sons of the Forest

Now you have your bow its time to get some arrows. Once again you are likely to find the materials you need right by the helicopter crash. Your starting area should be filled with what you need to get going. The first arrow you can craft is the stone arrow which you will need the following items:

x2 Sticks
x2 Feathers
x4 Stones

The sticks are the same as before, find them around the forest floor or chop down small trees. The feathers were fun to find. You need to kill a bird then grab the feathers before they fall down or fly away. This is how to get feathers in sons of the forest. Then the stones are simple, again look around the forest floor. This is how to make arrows in sons of the forest.

How to Craft a Bow and Arrow in Sons of the Forest

Once you are settled in and getting used to your new bow and arrows. You’re looking to get out and exploring and you can get the next level of bow and arrow. When you’re ready head over to the 3D Printer and print yourself some new higher damage arrows. Once you have your new arrows, Compound Bow.

We hope you found this guide on How to Craft a Bow and Arrow in Sons of the Forest useful. Feel free to take a look at our Interactive Map with the locations on things you may need! We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!




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