How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest

Surviving in Sons of the Forest is no easy task. Weather you are exploring alone or with friends making sure you get off this Island alive is going to be tough. In this Guide we will show you How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest which will will help you Survive.

How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest

As you progress through Sons of the Forest, things will become easier, and harder at the same time. You will have access to more materials and resources but you will also come across more mutants and harder mutants! This is where crafting better armor will help you survive.

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There are currently four sets of armor in the game. LeafHideBone and Tech Armor. Each set of it requires different materials and recipes. They all provide different levels of protection. Oh, and there is an secret special armor – Scroll to the bottom to find out more about that! So lets get into it – How to get armor in Sons of the forest.

How to Craft each set of Armor

Leaf Armor

This is the most basic set you can get. Although its not going to provide huge amounts of protection but it is quick and easy to craft. The crafting recipe per armor piece is:

x10 Leaves
x1 Cloth

Although you won’t be wearing this armor too long, we think it is still worth crafting it as it will help while out gathering in the early days.

Leaf Armor - How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest

Hide Armor

A step up from the Leaf Armor, the Hide Armor provides more protection in general. It is similar to the Bone Armor in terms of protection. It seems a little cheaper than bone armor so you may be using this first. The crafting recipe you will need is:

x2 Hide
x1 Cloth

As you can see, in the grand scheme of things its not too expensive or cumbersome to gather these materials for the armor. To get the hide you will need to kill a couple of Deer and skin them to get the hide. We hope you’re finding this guide on How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest useful.

Hide Armor - How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest

Bone Armor

This armor is similar to the Hide armor we just looked at and will offer a similar amount of protection. You will need a few more resources to craft this though.

Getting bone armor is going to require you to take down a few mutants! So, How to make Bone Armor?The crafting recipe you will need is:

x4 Bones
x1 Rope
x1 Duct Tape

To get your bones you’re going to need to kill mutants and burn their bodies on a fire. Once they are burnt you will be able to collect their bones for your armor. The rope you can make from a couple of pieces of cloth or find them around the Island. The duct tape is similar, you will need to scavenge around for some duct tape. This makes it harder to come by so you would be wise to not waste this.

Bone Armor - How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest

Creepy Mutant Armor

This is quite a strong armor that you will find while fighting mutants. This armor is as simple as killing a mutant and skinning them. Once you’ve skinned them you will find their skin in your inventory which will act as armor.

Creepy Armor - How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest

Tech Armor

The last armor you can craft while surviving on the island is the Tech Armor. This is actually not too troublesome to get your hands on, however it is reliant on resources that you get while exploring. Before you can get your tech armor, you are going to need to find a 3D Printer. Once you’ve found a 3D Printer you’re going to need to craft tech mesh which will be used for the armor. The crafting recipe you will need is:

x1 Tech Mesh
x1 Circuit Board
x1 Duct Tape
x1 Wire
x1 Battery

This is the most expensive armor you can make in Sons of the Forest. As we mentioned above you get the Tech Mesh from 3D Printers, which you will need Resin. You are going to need 250 Resin per Tech Mesh. You can find circuit boards laying around the island or by smashing computers. Duct Tape and Wire can be found by exploring the Island too. How to get Armor in The Sons of the Forest.

Tech Armor - How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest

Thats it, that’s How to get Armor in Sons of the Forest. We’re expecting to see more armor in the future from Endnight Games, or at least updates to the current armor.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the Special Golden Armor we have a post telling you how to create this! We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord! Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!




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