Where to Find Padding in Enshrouded

Discover Where to Find Padding

Crafting padding in Enshrouded presents itself as a formidable yet gratifying pursuit. This fundamental substance holds great significance in the creation of diverse endgame equipment sets vital for combat excellence. Let’s explore the procedure of sourcing and crafting padding in Enshrouded, covering the essential prerequisites, required materials, crafting techniques, and the strategic applications of this invaluable resource.

Mandatory Requirements

Embarking upon the voyage of creating padding entails meeting specific prerequisites, each task’s fulfillment might appear formidable, yet they lay the groundwork for crafting advanced equipment; these requisites are:

  • Crafting The Drying Rack: After saving the Hunter, you can directly interact with her (after placing her within your base) to craft the Drying Rack.
  • Retrieving The Tanning Station: Use the Tanning Station to process animal hides into Leather (Tanning Station Located SOUTH of the Ancient Spire- Nomad Highlands).
  • Retrieving The Loom: Unlocked after finishing the East Lapis quest (The Hunter’s Final Questline as of now – April 13 2024), is crucial for fabric production (Located in the Weaver’s Cottage, NORTHEAST of the Ancient Spire – Kindlewastes).

Mandatory Materials

Gathering the required materials/components is a significant part of padding production. Here is a step-by-step guide on what materials/components is needed first to craft Padding:

1st Material
ANIMAL FUR – It is required to produce dried fur (In the drying rack). Animal Fur can be acquired from Animals such as Goats and Deers, and from Hostile Creature, the Vukahs (Ape-looking Mobs).

2nd Material:
SALT – Can be obtained in Egerton Salt Mines (Located NORTHWEST of Ancient Spire – Springlands). Salt is one of the requirements to produce dried fur in the Drying Rack.

3rd Material:
FLAXFlax can be obtained from the Revelwood area. It is recommended to create a Flax farm once you have acquired sufficient amount to produce an ample supply for your future endeavors as you will require a lot, like a LOT, in the Future.

4th Material:
LINEN – After retrieving the Hunter’s Hand Spindle, you can now craft/produce Linen using 2 Flax. Just simply place your Flaxes in the Spindle and it will be transformed into Linen.

5th Material:
AMMONIA GLANDAmmonia Gland can be looted from Enshrouded Mushroom Mobs (Shown in the image below), these mobs are usually found in the Umber Hollow (Located SOUTH of Ancient Spire – Nomad Highlands).

6th Material:
LEATHER – To craft/produce Leather, you need to have/retrieve the Tanning Station First. The requirements to produce 10-Leathers in the Tanning Station are 10-Dried Fur, 20-Salt, and 2-Ammonia Gland.

7th Material:
FABRIC – Loom is a mandatory tool to produce Fabric. It can be looted from destructibles in Kindlewastes area, but it is recommended to just craft it since farming it through destructibles are not efficient. It requires 2-Linen to craft 1-Fabric

How to Craft Padding in Enshrouded

Once all prerequisites and materials are gathered, crafting padding becomes possible. Following these steps yields padding, a crucial ingredient for various advanced gear sets.:

  1. Interact with the Hunter NPC: Initiate the crafting process with the Hunter.
  2. Required Materials/Components: Combine the following:

Where Is Padding Used For?

Padding is an essential component in crafting endgame gear sets such as the Assassin Set, Deadeye Set, Deerstalker Set, Sage Set, Archmage Set, Warlock Set, Warden Set, Soldier Set, and Rogue Set. These sets/collections are highly sought after (Especially in Endgame Contents).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I efficiently farm flax in Enshrouded?
Setting up a dedicated flax farm is recommended, given its extensive use in crafting. Prioritize flax cultivation to expedite/speed-up gear production.

Where can I find ammonia glands for padding crafting?
Ammonia glands are commonly dropped by enshrouded mushroom creatures in Umbral Hollow. Setting up a Flame Altar nearby can ease your farming.

Why is padding necessary for endgame gear sets?
Padding is an important crafting material/component required to produce endgame armor sets, crucial for surviving high-level combat encounters in Enshrouded.

How long does it take to unlock all required stations for padding crafting?
It will take a long time as it is almost the endgame, but following the Hunter’s Questline diligently will unlock most stations progressively, with the Loom being the final unlock after completing advanced quests.

In the realm of Enshrouded, the creation of padding exemplifies unwavering commitment and meticulous strategizing. Through procuring/farming essential components and mastering the intricate crafting technique, flameborns can forge formidable equipment sets crucial for conquering high-level trials.

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