Golden ArmorGolden ArmorGolden Armor is End Game Equipment that you will find in the Bunker. It …2023/04/01Armour2023-04-01 12:49:28
Tech ArmorTech Armor Currently, Tech Armor is the best armor in the game above Creepy Armor …2023/04/01Armour2023-04-01 12:49:22
Creepy ArmorCreepy Armor Whenever you kill a mutant type of enemy, you can skin their hides, …2023/04/01Armour2023-04-01 12:49:13
Bone ArmorBone Armor You can craft Bone armor with the bones you get from burning the …2023/04/01Armour2023-04-01 12:49:09
Hide ArmorHide Armor If you have extra Animal Hide from Deer and Moose, you can put …2023/04/01Armour2023-04-01 12:49:03
Leaf ArmorLeaf Armor If you want to be stealthy, you can craft and equip this armor, …2023/04/01Armour2023-04-01 12:48:58