TorchTorch Melee ● The Torch can be used as a lightning source maybe better than …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 11:52:58
Utility KnifeUtility Knife Melee ● Start of the game The Utility Knife is an item that …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:46
Time BombTime Bomb Throwable ● The Time Bomb is used to blow up the Sluggy (The …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:37
Stun GunStun Gun Ranged ● Cave Number 1 Stun Gun requires ammo and only works at …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:30
Tactical AxeTactical Axe Melee ● Start of the game The player’s starting tool for cutting wood …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:26
Stun BatonStun Baton Melee ● On the lake, covered with skulls just west of Cave Number …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:21
SlingshotSlingshot Ranged ● On a body at the enterance of Cave Number 5 Slingshot is …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:17
ShovelShovel Melee ● Cave Number 15 The Shovel can be used to Dig your way …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:12
ShotgunShotgun Ranged ● GPS Locator marker in grave / On the bar counter of Cave …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:08
Rope GunRope Gun Utility ● Cave Number 4 It can be used on specific ropes in …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:25:03
RifleRifle Ranged ● With the cheat console, typing “spawnitem rifle” The rifle is a weapon …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:24:59
RevolverRevolver Ranged ● Cave Number 16 The Revolver is a more powerful version of the …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:24:29
Repair ToolRepair Tool Melee ● As it is being said, just a repairing tool. It helps …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:24:24
PutterPutter Melee ● Cave Number 12 / Golfing Plains The putter is a special weapon, …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:52
PistolPistol Ranged ● GPS Locator marker on the boat in the open sea The Pistol …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:48
Modern AxeModern Axe Melee ● At a human camp just north-west of Cave Number 5 The …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:43
MolotovMolotov Throwable ● It is a simple Molotov Cocktail, very useful at setting alight enemies …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:39
MacheteMachete Melee ● The right side of Cave Number 1 on the beach, stuck at …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:34
LegLeg Melee ● From Cannibals It is your choice to be a cannibal yourself and …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:30
KatanaKatana Melee ● Cave Number 12 Katana is a sleek, powerful, and lightning-fast weapon that …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:25
GuitarGuitar Melee ● Cave Number 3 Making the Guitar an inferior melee weapon overall. Its …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:21
Frag grenadeFrag grenade Throwable ● A very powerful grenade that excels in damage and area damage …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:17
Firefighter’s AxeFirefighter’s Axe Melee ● Cave Number 5 Compared to the other two axes, the Firefighter …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:12
Electric ChainsawElectric Chainsaw Melee ● Cave Number 3 The Electric Chainsaw can be used as a …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:07
CrossbowCrossbow Ranged ● Cave Number 2 The Crossbow is a ranged weapon found in Sons …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:23:03
CrossCross Ranged ● Cave Number 4 Cross burns demons with its holy power. Feel the …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:22:58
Crafted SpearCrafted Spear Melee ● The Crafted Spear is a tool to catch fish, and is …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:22:53
Crafted ClubCrafted Club Melee ● The Crafted Club is a blunt weapon, it is not bad, …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:22:48
Crafted BowCrafted Bow Ranged ● The bow that crafted with a rope, a duct tape, and …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:22:43
Compound BowCompound Bow Ranged ● Cave Number 14 A powerful bow that outpowers the crafted bow. …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:22:38
ArmArm ● From Cannibals It is your choice to be a cannibal yourself and enjoy …2023/04/01Weapons2023-04-01 10:22:33