Zipline RopeZipline RopeIt provides faster and longer reaches of transportation for woods and players.Equipable: NoUpgradable: YesThrowable: …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:04:44
Flashlight AttachmentFlashlight Attachment You can put your Flashlight Attachment to your Pistol, if you attach the …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:04:40
Water CanWater Can The Water Can collects any type of water so you can water your …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:04:34
Walkie TalkieWalkie Talkie A communication method for Co-op but it is possible it can be used …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:04:03
TarpTarp They are human tents that have been abandoned, but lucky you that you can …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:03:58
Skin PouchSkin Pouch Sometimes dropped by Cannibals similar to the bag you open at the beginning …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:03:54
SlincerSlincer Silencer can be attached to the Pistol only. Greatly reduces the sound of the …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:03:23
Shotgun RailShotgun Rail The shotgun rail is used to add attachments to the shotgun. Items include …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:03:19
Rope GunRope Gun It can be used on specific ropes in a few caves to cross …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:03:14
Resin CanisterResin Canister Resin Canisters are items filled with resin used in combination with the 3D …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:03:10
Repair ToolRepair Tool As it is being said, just a repairing tool. It helps to repair …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:02:39
Red MaskRed Mask If cannibals already know you from your violence against them, and subsequently hate …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:02:08
RebreatherRebreather Rebreather provides oxygen when diving underwater, as well as a weak headlamp to light …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:02:02
Printed SledPrinted Sled Printed Sled is used when you left-click in the meanwhile jumping off from …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:58
Printed FlaskPrinted Flask The Printed Flask is a potable water container that can be crafted using …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:53
Pistol RailPistol Rail Pistol Rail is used for attaching the Laser Sight and Flashlight Attachment on …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:49
LighterLighter Lighter is your beginning light source that will help you through until you find …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:44
Laser SightLaser Sight Laser Sight can be attached to the Pistol if the Pistol rail has …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:40
Guide BookGuide Book Guide Book is essential if you are going to build something. The Guide …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:34
GPS LocatorGPS Locator GPS Locator is a little device that you can mark a specific spot …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:29
GPSGPS GPS is the main tool you will have to use to navigate yourself and …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:23
GliderGlider Use this Hang Glider to get around the map quicker! It is also extremely …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:01:18
Golden MaskGolden Mask The Golden Mask has a greater effect than the Red Mask and even …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:00:48
FlashlightFlashlight Flashlight is the best light source you can have in the game comes with …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:00:43
FlareFlare Flare can be used as a light source that is the only throwable one …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:00:37
Emergency PackEmergency Pack Emergency Pack comes to your inventory when you wake up from the helicopter …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:00:32
Can OpenerCan Opener Can Opener is used only for opening Canned Food, which gives Cat Food …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:00:27
BinocularsBinoculars Equipable: Yes Upgradable: No Throwable: No CRAFTING RECIPE2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 11:00:21
Air TankAir Tank The Air Tank is a bottle of compressed air used to refill the …2023/04/01Equipment2023-04-01 10:59:21