OrcaOrcaThey are hostile when they see you, and they are known to be quite elusive. …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:27
TurtlesTurtles Turtles are passive animals that can provide valuable resources like Raw Meat and a …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:24
SalmonSalmon Salmon yields 1 Raw Fish when killed. They can also be brought to you …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:19
BirdsBirds Birds are a common type of bird, found everywhere on the island. They yield …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:15
SeagullSeagull The Seagull is a passive animal. When killed, they drop 4-5 Feathers and can …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:11
SquirrelSquirrel The Squirrel is a passive animal that when skinned, will drop one raw meat. …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:08
RabbitRabbit The Rabbit is a passive animal. When skinned, Rabbits will drop one raw meat. …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:04
MooseMoose Moose are passive animals that can be found primarily on the east side of …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:45:00
DeerDeer Deers will skittishly run from you on sight. They can vary in size, the …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:44:56
DuckDuck Ducks yield feathers, and 1 raw meat when skinned. They aren’t a very common …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:44:52
SharkShark The Shark is a hostile animal. They bear resemblance to great white sharks but …2023/04/01Wildlife2023-04-01 03:44:48