Sons Of The Forest System Requirements

With a more recent update from the Sons of the Forest dev team, we have gotten a final look at the Sons of the Forest System Requirements for their latest masterpiece.

System Requirements

System Requirements

As shown above the System Requirements are definitely on the higher end with almost 70% of steams current users falling below the minimum required specs, this is no surprise though with the Unity engine and insane graphical fidelity offered by the Sons of the Forest development team.

Virginia And View

Make sure to check out our Sons of the Forest early access announcement page for the details on when and where you can expect to jump into this new adventure. We can’t wait for you to share your creations with us on our Official Community Discord!

If you need assistance finding your way around the Island, make sure to check out our Interactive Map. Lastly, our Sons Of The Forest Homepage is a list of latest news and guides of the game. You can have a look when you are free!





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