A Sailor Letter Quest Guide

The Sailor Letter quest is relatively easy, but if you are like us and couldn’t find your way up this rock in the ocean, this guide will serve as your compass, parkour guide, and reward for this adventure within the game. Whether you’re a seasoned captain or a novice sailor, understanding the cryptic messages and mastering naval tactics is crucial to conquering the high seas and emerging victorious in Throne and Liberty. Join us as we navigate the Sailor Letter Quest, where the sea converges with strategic challenges in an uncharted realm of adventure.

The Sailor Letter and Its Location

Locating the Sailor Letter

To begin your journey, let’s first travel to the Laslan Coast, where a little island protects the Sailor Letter, an essential component of your mission. As soon as you arrive, you’ll understand that reaching the top of the island is no easy feat; you’ll need to navigate carefully through a confusing maze of difficulties. Take comfort in knowing that we have you covered with an extensive, step-by-step guide that will assist you in overcoming these obstacles and reaching the highest point.

Sailor Letter In Game Appearance

Our assistance makes sure you’re ready for the thrilling voyage ahead as you become an expert navigator on the island’s varied landscape. Put your parkour abilities to the test, let the wind catch your sails, and trust us to guide you up the complex road to the peak, where a variety of obstacles and treasures are just waiting to be discovered.

Parkouring To the Top

Once you’ve found the small island, identify a suitable spot where you can begin your ascent, like this.

Small Space in the Island

Navigating through these rocks should be a cakewalk. Ensure you hug the wall as you climb to prevent you from slipping. In case you do encounter a stumble as you progress, be sure to pack your patience for those moments against the walls.

Upon successfully reaching the island’s top, marking the halfway point in your quest, keep an eye out for the scattered remains of deceased crabs. These freaky markers signify progress.

Half Way Through the Island

To ascend further, head to the left of the rocks, where a relatively straightforward path will lead you to the pinnacle of the island. Exercise caution, though, as this segment demands impeccable parkour skills.

Straight Path

Since the rocks are tiny, making pixel-perfect leaps is crucial. You may need to make several attempts before you get the feel of the complex movements needed to go through this difficult terrain. Be alert as you climb to the summit, and relish the feeling of finally solving the secrets that lie ahead.

A Sailor Letter

Having successfully reached the island’s summit, proceed towards the tip where you’ll ultimately discover the Sailor Letter. This letter contains:

Damn the black rain!

It broke my ship, along with the treasure!

Ugh… How much longer can I survive on this little rock?

Dear Einar,

Please let me live so I can see my wife again.

Dear Harnie,

I’ve finally found the treasure in (smudged and hard to see)!

Now, all I have to do is get home and pamper you!

The rain is unusually fierce, but that’s to be expected of a seaman.

Kastleton is just around the corner.

See you soon, Harnie!

A Sailor Letter Quest Guide

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You have finally reached the top of the little island off the coast of Laslan Coast, revealing its secrets after overcoming the challenges of the Sailor Letter Quest in Throne and Liberty. Through a series of challenging parkour tasks and the joyful discovery of the elusive Sailor Letter, our guide has been your dependable friend. May the wealth and fame you gain from your nautical journey carry you to new heights in the fascinating realm of Throne and Liberty as you set out on new adventures. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view other Throne and Liberty tutorials!


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