Beyond the Sandstorm

In the heart of adversity lies the heroic tale of venturing beyond the sandstorm to seek aid from the Merchant Vanguard. The looming danger of a sandstorm and the menacing presence of Queen Bellandir threaten not just merchandise but the lives of many. This article unfolds the quest to reach the second merchant party and prevent their departure, navigating through the perilous sands.


Talking to the Merchand Vanguard

Embarking on this quest starts with a step, engaging with the Merchant Vanguard. Their assistance becomes paramount in safeguarding against the impending sandstorm and the threat posed by Queen Bellandir. Discover how a strategic conversation can set the foundation for a successful mission.

talk to the merchant

Navigating the Sandstorm: A Step-by-Step Guide

Avoiding Sand Contact

In this journey, avoiding direct contact with the sands is crucial. Delve into strategies to bypass this danger, ensuring your safety in the presence of Queen Bellandir.


Seeking the Rocky Side

To overcome the sandstorm threat, navigate to the other side where the second merchant awaits. Look to the left side of your screen for rock formations that provide safe landing spots.

fly onto the pillars

Learn to identify suitable pillars and ensure a smooth transition to the rocky side.

scan for rock formation

Stamina Management

Flying to the other side involves careful stamina management. Choose a secure rock formation, such as the pillar on your left, and wait for your stamina to replenish fully before continuing the journey.


Climbing to the Merchant

Upon reaching the rocky side, the ascent begins. Climb with caution to reach the waiting merchant. Your actions play a pivotal role in securing their safety amidst the turmoil of the sandstorm and Queen Bellandir’s rampage.

go to the other side

Having reached the merchant, deliver the crucial information about the sandstorm and Queen Bellandir. Witness the gratitude of the merchant representative, acknowledging the potential disaster averted through your timely warning.

talk to the merchant

Embarking on a quest beyond the sandstorm reveals the importance of timely action and strategic decision-making. The collaboration with the Merchant Vanguard, avoidance of sand contact, and navigating through rocky terrains underscore the heroism required in the face of adversity.


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