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Cursed Rain: Contaminated Rain Research

A quite village near the Mandrake Farmstead lies a peculiar phenomenon, cursed rain. As we embark our journey with contaminated rain researcher Liana, we delve into the depths of this mysterious occurrence and understanding the implication for the environment and its inhabitants.

cursed rain

Encounter with Liana

As you walk into the Mandrake Farmstead, Talk to Liana a researcher who studying the effects of the contaminated rain. Needing of assistance for crucial experiment.

talk to liana

Liana directs you to bring a bucket collecting rainwater to her, initiating the first step of the experiment.

collect bucket

Mixing the Ingredients

Inside the laboratory, Liana explains the experiment’s purpose of the experiment, to observe how rainwater composition affects the surrounding area. Together, Liana mixes various ingredients with the collected rainwater to create a special rainwater for the experiment.

inside the lab

Effects of the Cursed Rain

Armed with the special rainwater, you venture to the luggage to observe its effects on a scarab as an integral part of the experiment. As you sprinkle the rainwater on the scarab, you witness a remarkable transformation, indicating the potent influence of cursed rain.

As we progress into the experiment, we can see the scarabs that is exposed into the cursed grow increasingly aggressive.


Interacting with Liana reveals the unsettling truth—cursed rain has been plaguing the region for a decade. Originating from a sinister event, tainted rain turned harmless creatures into ferocious monsters. Liana’s research uncovers the curse’s ingredients and its connection to shadowmancers.

talk to liana

The journey with the researcher Liana give answer on the complexities of cursed rain. From the origin of the monster near the Mandrake Farmstead reaching the consequences for the environment and communities. As we navigate this challenges posed by the cursed rain, we strive toward more a resilient and sustainable future


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