Demon’s Test : Junobote’s Trial

Embark on a thrilling adventure in the mystical realm of Manawastes as you undertake the Demon’s Test. This challenging quest promises a series of mind-bending puzzles and tests designed by the enigmatic Junobote. Located in the pinned location on the map, this quest unveils itself with Junobote’s Examination paper, accompanied by a cryptic letter hinting at the pursuit of knowledge and leaving behind a trail for the daring. The letter reads, “I’ve gained a lot of knowledge, and I’m leaving a little trail just for the fun of it. If anyone wants it, go for it. But judge for yourself if you can handle it.”


The First Challenge: Shadow Rotation

The first challenge in Demon’s Test requires you to rotate the object and reflect shadows to solve Junobote’s problem. The riddle is:

“The beast runs on four legs. The beast dreams of the skies. Power grows on the head of the beast. The darkness against the light shall fulfill the desire.”

In order to solve the given riddle you need to rotate three objects – Horse, Eagle, and Sword – to create a shadow answer to the riddle. “The beast runs on four legs” rotating the horse in angel to see it four legs. “The beast dreams of the skies” means that rotate the beast wing accordingly to the angle of the horse you rotate. “Power grows on the head of the beast. ” rotate the sword that will resemble the horn for the horse.

The Second Challenge: Harmonic Tones

The second challenge of the Demon’s Test is to ring the color crystal according to the sequence given in the note, this crystal has different tone in each color and releasing some logo depicts from the note.

In the statue, there will be choices In the statue, there will be choices use to see the symbols and what sounds you need to follow, and challenge to start the challenge where you will ring the crystal base on the note or the tone that is play in the statue.


If you start the challenge you will need to hit the crystal in order to get the quest done. You need to follow the order of the symbol on the notes when you hit the crystal.


to start go to the statue and click challenge, this is the colors and their corresponding tones in order: Orange, Blue, Indigo, Green, Yellow, Red, Yellow, and Orange to proceed to the last test.

order for the tone

The Final Challenge: Golem Alignment

After going into the last challenge you will notice a crystal stone in front of you and golem in the background. Your goal in this challenge is to arrange the golem to be align, in doing this you will be controlling the golem using the crystal stone, each switch represents the movements of the golem.

crystal golem

After inspecting the golems, a specific sequence emerges to expedite the alignment process. In order to solve this, activate the combination from left to right: 2, 4, 3, 3, 5, 5.


As the golems align, there will be teleportation circle near the crystal which will bring you to the platform of the golem you align in the last challenge. Go to the other end and claim your rewards.


Embark a journey on the Demon’s test in the Manawaste. Complete the challenges filled with mystery and puzzles. ranging from shadow arranging to right choose of tones and the alignment of the golem, provide a wonderful experience for you adventurer.

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