Excavator Boss Guild Raid Guide in Throne and Liberty

Prepare yourself for an exciting expedition in Throne and Liberty as you face off against the intimidating Excavator Boss! Your strategic prowess will be put to the test so gather your allies, wield powerful weaponry, and devise ingenious plans as you strive to conquer this mighty adversary and claim its remarkable rewards. Get ready for the excitement of confronting this massive boss encounter within the dynamic world of Throne and Liberty. Learn more about how to defeat the Excavator Boss alongside your guild in Throne and Liberty by exploring the insights provided in this guide.

Feel free to watch the video provided below, illustrating a Guild’s successful battle against the Excavator Boss in a Guild Raid.

Guild Raids

Participating in Guild Raids involves engaging in PvE activities in Guild Halls, where guild members confront boss raids to claim weekly rewards. Once players reach level 3 they will gain the opportunity to become part of a guild. By clicking the Guild UI Tab players have the freedom to either join an existing guild or create their own. Players may offer mutual aid and support to one another. As guilds grow in levels they unlock access to various boss raids. The starting of Guild Raids lies with Guild Officers who are above the Advisor rank.

Players in a guild raid have the option to use a Star Return for a one-time revival once they die. Each player only has 3 Star Returns per Guild Raid letting them join in again to defeat the boss.

Excavator Guild Raid

The Excavator

The Excavator underwent an unexpected transformation by absorbing the potent and mystical Star Fragments. This infusion of celestial energy triggered a drastic change, turning the once gentle construct into the dreaded and fearsome Excavator. Now, this powerful entity roams the land, unleashing its devastating power recklessly, leaving destruction in its wake. Guilds aiming to confront this threat must gather members with substantial strength and skill, as facing the Excavator requires a guild level of at least 9. Standing at an imposing level 28, this creature poses a significant challenge to those daring enough to fight it directly.

Fighting the Excavator

Initiate the Raid by selecting the Enter Raid button, instantly teleporting guild members to the Excavator’s domain. Prepare yourselves by equipping consumables to buff your attacks and bolster your defenses before diving into the battle. These consumables will prove crucial in maximizing your potential during the intense confrontation that lies ahead! 

  1. Battle Commencement: When provoked, the Excavator initiates the battle by stomping its feet and delivering two hammer strikes to the ground.
  2. Basic Weapon Attacks: Following the initial attacks, the Excavator utilizes two different basic swings with its weapon to target nearby opponents, relying on its hammer for these attacks.
  3. Charged Attack: It executes a charged spinning attack after a brief wind-up, capable of stunning players upon impact.
  4. Additional Attacks: As the battle continues, the Excavator incorporates a series of attacks. These include the new skills where it does linear hammer strikes targeting a small group of people following the additional foot stomps, charged energy releases through a ground fist smash, and intermittent spinning attacks.

Throughout the battle, Excavator alternates its skills, maintaining a relentless onslaught.


Epic Rewards

  • Excavator’s Mysterious Scepter – A wand infused with the mystical power of the Excavator who used the Star of Sylaveth as its core.
    • Excavator’s Breath – Grants an additional 150 Health heal every 6 seconds when applying Rapid Healing skills to allies with health below 15%. Its reactivation cooldown is 30 seconds.
  • Grand Generals Command Visor – A headgear that is part of the Chief Commander Set, boasting exceptional melee and ranged defenses.
  • Reaper’s Concealing Shroud – A leather top featured in the Death Set, providing balanced melee and ranged defenses of 170.
  • Precious Lithograph: Holy Warrior’s Choker – An essential component of the Holy Warrior’s Lithograph set, craftable through the Accessories Crafting in the Necklace segment.

Other Rewards

  • Rare Strength Crystal 
  • Rare Dexterity Crystal
  • Rare Wisdom Crystal
  • Rare Perception Crystal
  • Guild Coin x10 Chest
  • Raging Eagle

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