Morokai’s Cave : The Failed Immortal Quest

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the mystical depths of Morokai’s Cave. The adventure begins with a cryptic diary found near the hideout of the Failed Immortal, setting the stage for an immersive exploration into the carmine forest. Unravel the tale of Alberto Gillan, defeat menacing spiders, rescue a trapped cat named Rumi, and discover a lost drawing that holds the key to a heartwarming revelation.

Morokai's entrance

The Old Diary: Morokai’s Cave

In the shadow of the Failed Immortal’s hideout lies an old diary. Its ominous warning from Morokai himself adds an air of mystery, yet the allure of the cave in the carmine forest proves irresistible. The name “Alberto Gillan” etched inside becomes a ticket to the unknown.


Defeating the Spiders

Within the cave’s depths, face the challenge of defeating two formidable spiders. The fallen note discovered afterward unveils cryptic details, intensifying the intrigue.

fallen note

Alberto Gillan’s Fate

As you progress, encountering more spiders, an unexpected sight halts your journey—a lifeless body, likely Alberto Gillan.

dead body

Princess Spider’s Lair

Prepare for a showdown with the elusive Princess Spider, emerging unexpectedly within the depths of Morokai’s Cave. Triumph over this formidable foe to unveil a fallen picture.

Rescuing Rumi

After viewing the image you will see a cat trapped in a spider web, help the cat escape by burning the web. You will bring the cat as you exit the cave.

rescuing rumi

A Lost Drawing Rediscovered

Exiting the cave, present the drawing to Rutaine in the carmine forest. The lost drawing dropped ages ago is a cherished relic rekindling memories he thought were forever lost.

talk to rutaine

The quest concludes in your room in Kastleton where Rumi the cat has found a new home. The bond forged in the depths of Morokai’s Cave solidifies marking the end of a captivating adventure.

back to your room

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